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Dental Update, Denplan and Oral-B are proud to announce a brand-new series of weekly webinars designed to help UK practice teams navigate the continuing challenges in dentistry, throughout this time of national and professional crisis.

“Following the record-breaking online lecture programmes in 2020, this new series will comprise twelve webinars from nationally and internationally renowned presenters. The live and on-demand lectures will focus on key clinical subject areas and cover the GDC’s recommended and highly recommended topics, including disinfection and decontamination, medical emergencies (+ CPR), radiography and radiation protection, mouth cancer, complaints handling and safeguarding.

All webinars will address important COVID-specific issues and provide the latest evidence-based guidelines for safe and effective clinical practice in 2021 and beyond.”

Louis Mackenzie
Head Dental Officer at Denplan


Current Live Edition: Volume 48 Number 2 - February 2021

P89  Editorial:  The 4 Es in dentistry? by T Burke

UK readers will, of course, be aware that the UK has entered its third lockdown at the time of writing. However, third time around, what will the levels of compliance be? It has been considered that high levels of compliance in the first lockdown appear to have been driven by a sense that it is...

P91  Birth of the College of General Dentistry by N Wilson CBE

P93  Cervical Margin Relocation and Indirect Restorations: Case Report and Literature Review by A Butt  CPD

P99  Fracture of the Maxillary Tuberosity: Troubleshooting in General Dental Practice and a Proposed Fracture Classification by F Wright, C Ritchie, NJ Malden, E Besi  CPD

P106  Too Old to Sedate: How Old is too Old? by N Bradley

P115  Beware of Chicken Bones: An Uncommon Presentation of a Foreign Body in the Palate by D Martin, C Naraynsingh  CPD

P119  Oral Healthcare in the Older Population: An Increasing Challenge to the UK Dental Profession by H Barrow, M Ashley  CPD

P127  Is there a Role for Casein Phosphopeptide–Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (CPP-ACP) in Paediatric Dentistry? by C Warner, HJ Rogers  CPD

P135  Non-syndromic Oligodontia in Siblings: A Spectrum of Experience by C Heggie, L Gartshore  CPD

P141  Traumatic Ulcers with a Hidden Cause: A Case Report by P Chana, D Ion  CPD

P145  Aesthetic Smile Makeover using Direct Composite Restorations: A Case Report of Interdental Spacing and Altered Passive Eruption by T Ziv

P148  Comparative Dental Analysis: Should Dentists Release Dental Records? by C Sallis, S Mânica  CPD

P152  Redeployment of Dental Teams during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review of Experiences and Lessons Learned by C Platais, F Siodlak, I Toor, L Ormondroyd  CPD

P156  Understanding COVID-19 Vaccines and Immunity by L Samaranayake, S Anil  CPD

P162  Letters to the Editor by B Dunphy

P164  The Check Record by NJ Patel, AD Walmsley