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2018 Enhanced CPD

We are keen to help our members in making the transition to Enhanced CPD as smooth and painless as possible so we have introduced the following:

- All CPD certificates for CPD undertaken from January 2018 onwards (via Dental Update and Orthodontic Update) fully meet the new requirements

- All Dental Update and Orthodontic Update articles now clearly state which development outcome they relate to (A-D)

- We’ve created Guidance Notes which are available for members online

- We created online templates where members can log their CPD Activity, Personal Development Plan information and Field of Practice notes (and where any CPD, regardless of where undertaken, may be logged)

Leading Peer-Reviewed Dental Journal

Dental Update provides a range of information and is an invaluable resource, not just focusing on the complexities of restorative and preventative dentistry but also covering specialties including endodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics and periodontics, and all delivered in a clear and readable tone

Current Live Edition: Volume 45 Number 10 - November 2018

P901  Editorial:  Marginal gains in dentistry? by FJT Burke

Readers who have had contacts with big business will be aware of the concept of Six Sigma. This was invented at Motorola in 1986 and adopted by many companies, most famously by Jack Welsh at General Electric.

P973  Safeguarding:  Child Safeguarding in Dental Practice; What you need to know by D Auld     CPD

This paper aims to define the types of child abuse and how this may present to the dental team. It briefly outlines actions which should be taken if and when safeguarding concerns may arise.

P977  Oral Surgery/Radiology:  Are Changes in Specific Landmark Anatomy on a Panoramic Image Suggestive of Maxillary Sinus Disease? by T Kerai, K Ganesan

Dental panoramic radiography is a commonly employed investigation in dentistry, however, its use in the primary indication of maxillary sinus disease is often underestimated. Being able to identify anomalies or abnormalities involving the maxillary sinus on radiographs will facilitate early...