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Current Live Edition: Volume 47 Number 11 - December 2020

P897  Editorial:  It was not a good year by T Burke

I was in a gift shop prior to the second lockdown, and pricked up my ears to listen to the background muzak: bizarrely, it was playing ‘It was a very good year’ a song written by Ervin Drake and made famous by Frank Sinatra on his 1965 album ‘September of my years’. He was awarded a Grammy in the...

P900  Moving on from AAA: the 3Ps and 3Rs protocol for remote management of dental patients by S Darwish, K El-Boghdadly, M Abdelmajeed, W Belhaj, T Shembesh  CPD

P907  Restoration of severe localized tooth wear with zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate: a case report by A Srinivas, G Brock  CPD

P912  Management of patients on oral anticoagulants in dental practice by S Nathwani     CPD

P924  Challenges in Remote versus Clinical Pain Diagnoses for an Orthodontic Patient during the 2020 COVID-19 Crisis by S Pai, PJ Turner, D Green

P928  Dentinogenesis Imperfecta: Development of Treatment Strategies over 40 Years by C Forbes-Haley, S Nandra, S Bhola, A Najran     CPD

P935  Foreign Body Surgery in the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Canal Following Endodontic Treatment by KK Blackhall, Y Khoo, IP Downie  CPD

P940  Restoration of the fractured permanent incisor in young patients by F Noble, H Jessica Rogers, C Deery  CPD

P946  Resorption of maxillary first permanent molars by impacted maxillary second premolars: a case series by I Heliotis, M Gakhal, R Whatling

P951  Update on tooth notation, guidelines for extraction and a new technique for extractions: intra-oral dental marking by K Patel, HG Jeremiah, A Barber  CPD

P956  The true cost of dental implant tourism: a case report by J Greval, L Motaleb, S Bhatia  CPD

P960  Paediatric dental treatment under inhalation sedation by a therapist in secondary care: an audit by E Palmer, S-J Campbell, L Foo  CPD

P964  SARS CoV-2, and disinfectants and antiseptics in dentistry by L Samaranayake, J Wen Wei Chang

P969  Letters to the Editor by V Ketheeswaranathan

P972  The Battle of the Lower Molar Extraction Forceps: Cowhorn versus Eagle Beak by S Singh Rehal, P Shoker

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