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Dental Update is the leading peer-reviewed clinical journal for the dentist in General Practice. It helps GDPs face everyday challenges which occur in the surgery, offering practical and relevant solutions and keeping practitioners informed of innovative developments and clinical procedures.

2018 Enhanced CPD

We are keen to help our members in making the transition to Enhanced CPD as smooth and painless as possible so we have introduced the following:

- All CPD certificates for CPD undertaken from January 2018 onwards (via Dental Update and Orthodontic Update) fully meet the new requirements

- All Dental Update and Orthodontic Update articles now clearly state which development outcome they relate to (A-D)

- We’ve created Guidance Notes which are available for members online

- We created online templates where members can log their CPD Activity, Personal Development Plan information and Field of Practice notes (and where any CPD, regardless of where undertaken, may be logged)

We understand it is preferable to have all CPD saved in one place and are arranging for any CPD undertaken via Dental Update to be automatically logged going forward. All with the aim of making life easier for our members.

Leading Peer-Reviewed Dental Journal

Dental Update provides a range of information and is an invaluable resource, not just focusing on the complexities of restorative and preventative dentistry but also covering specialities including endodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics and periodontics, and all delivered in a clear and readable tone

Current Live Edition: Volume 45 Number 4 - April 2018

P281  Editorial:  Inappropriate behaviour by T Burke

Readers cannot have missed the media outpourings of angst in relation to inappropriate behaviour towards women, most of which appears to be entirely justified, and readers in the UK will also not have missed the 100th anniversary of (some) women being given the right to vote.

P283  Enhanced CPD:  Guidance for Enhanced CPD (for readers of Dental Update) by T Montgomery

With the introduction of Enhanced CPD in January we’ve seen many changes to the way CPD is approached, planned and documented.

P366  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by K McDermott, V Yeung, D Saurab Bither, D Vineet Sharma

I am disappointed that a peer-reviewed article within a journal of clinical excellence has, within it, some inaccuracies.

P284  Gingival Retraction Techniques: A Review by S Adnan, M Atif S Agwan  CPD

P298  The Dentist’s Role in Smoking Cessation Management - A Literature Review and Recommendations: Part 2 by RM Keat, J-C Fricain, S Catros, L Monteiro, L Martins da Silva, M Diniz Freitas, A Brandariz  CPD

P311  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and the Adolescent Patient by Z Marshman, J Kirby, H Rodd  CPD

P320  Complications in Managing Tooth Wear; Exploring a Potential Pitfall of Using the Dahl Approach – A Case Study by J Coulter, G McCracken  CPD

P329  Cone Beam Computed Tomography: An Update for General Dental Practitioners by F Smith-Jack, R Davies  CPD

P340  Stafne’s Bone Cavity - Unusual Presentation in the Anterior Mandible by I Davies, H Boyes, J Wykes, G Smith

P342  The Iatrogenic Anterior Open Bite; a Potential Side-Effect of Thermoplastic Orthodontic Retainers by N Hemmings, NG Taylor  CPD

P347  Multiple Myeloma as a Mandibular Radiolucency - A Difficult Diagnostic Challenge by DC Laraway, RGM Williams, AP Donnelly

P351  Foreign Bodies in the Nasal Cavity: Incidental Findings during Routine Orthodontic Radiographs by Y Lam, A Murray  CPD

P357  Dental Infection as a Cause of Bacteraemia in Infective Endocarditis by M Baldin, B Srinivasan, S Sharma  CPD

P360  A Case of Extensive Oral Kaposi’s Sarcoma in a Patient with Undiagnosed HIV Infection by C Causey, N Singh, R Parkin

P364  Recommended Vaccines for Healthcare Workers by C John Palenik

P370  Posterior Temporary Crowns: A Freehand Technique by R Lilleker