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Dental Update publishes postgraduate articles covering new and established clinical treatment. All articles are peer reviewed, offering subscribers an unbiased and professional platform for continuing professional development and education in the UK. Dental Update carries 44 hours of verifiable CPD per year.

Current Live Edition: Volume 45 Number 1 - January 2018

P5  Guest Editorial:  Social Media - What dentists need to be aware of by R Moore

What is social media? The Oxford English Dictionary1 definition is: ‘Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking’ Many of us will instantly think it relates to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

P7  Thank you:  Thank you to our Reviewers by FJT Burke

Every paper in Dental Update is considered by two reviewers. I would like to thank all those on the list below for giving their time and expertise in checking the validity of the papers published in Dental Update in 2017 and making suggestions on how papers might be improved.

P8  Guest Editorial:  ‘In your Face’ book dentistry by A Alani

Interpersonal communication, and the methods and modes through which it is achieved, has exponentially increased and diversified over the last 20 years.