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Issue: Volume 46 Number 9 - October 2019

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P805  Editorial:  WARNING: Crowns may be bad for the health of (posterior) teeth by T Burke

The perceived wisdom, when Trevor was a boy at dental school, was that, if a cusp broke, or fell off, a posterior tooth, the correct treatment was to take a 556 diamond bur in a turbine handpiece and prepare the tooth for a gold crown.  Read more


P808  Guest Editorial:  Human Factors in Dentistry: The Ring of Confidence by T Dale

Maintaining confidence is vital to effective, safe practice. Lack of self-confidence or, arguably worse, over-confidence or arrogance cannot only result in harm but induce stress in colleagues and team members.  Read more

P812  Restorative dentistry:  The Use of Indirect Resin Composite Restorations in the Management of Localized Anterior Tooth Wear: a Clinical Update Part 2 by V Kumar Hansrani, D Laverty, P Brunton

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This article will focus on the active management of localized anterior tooth wear using indirect resin composite restorations. Emphasis will be placed on minimally invasive methods of tooth preparation in order to preserve biological tooth tissue in an already compromised tooth structure. Active...  Read more

P817  Oral surgery:  Head and Neck Cancer Part 2: the Patient Journey by S Hackett, O Jones, D Chatzistavrianou, D Newsum

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This is the second paper in a three-part series to discuss head and neck cancer diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Following a confirmed diagnosis of head and neck cancer, patients will begin a long and often challenging pathway that will involve clinicians from a multidisciplinary team...  Read more

P825  Maxillofacial Surgery:  An Unusual Presentation of Oro-Naso-Palatal Fistula by A Hamid, P Patel

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This case report is of a 29-year-old male who complained of nasal escape of food and fluids through his nose for 6 months. Further questioning revealed a previous cocaine habit which has now ceased. Examination revealed a septal perforation and CT scanning revealed a 16 mm wide sagittal bone defect...  Read more

P828  General Dental practice:  Safe Prescribing in General Dental Practice – Challenges and Solutions by J Mason, H Vallance, S Pontefract, JJ Coleman

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All dental practitioners will treat patients who take medicines. An ageing population, combined with improved management of patients with multiple long-term co-morbidities, has seen a rise in complex medication regimens. Healthcare specialization, a widening drug market and better access to...  Read more

P837  Oral surgery:  Local Anaesthesia in Dentistry – Achieving Effective Painless Injections by M Ali Madadian, T Renton

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A feared aspect of dental care for patients is their expectation of pain and injections. Local anaesthesia in dentistry is an important means of reducing procedural pain and increasing patient comfort during treatment. However, it can be a source of pain in itself. Fear of needles and painful...  Read more

P848  Orthodontics:  Orthodontic Retention: a Clinical Guide for the GDP by A Alkadhimi, M Owaise Sharif

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Retention is normally required after active orthodontic tooth movement in order to maintain tooth position and minimize the effects of age-related changes to the dentition. The aim of this article is to define stability, retention and relapse with reference to the literature and to review the...  Read more

P862  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  A Case of Granular Cell Ameloblastoma Presenting as a Non-Healing Socket by N Ahmadi-Lari, M Wilson, C Hughes, S Thomas

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This case involves a 46-year-old female who was referred to the Bristol Dental Hospital Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department with a non-healing socket. Investigations were carried out and biopsy confirmed diagnosis of granular cell ameloblastoma. She was subsequently treated with a segmental...  Read more

P866  Oral surgery:  Routine Exodontia: Preventing Failed Extractions by V Bhargava, T Renton

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Dental extractions are potentially an unpleasant experience that patients have to undergo. Not only are they losing a tooth that they may have invested significant costs in retaining, but fear and expectation of pain makes the encounter stressful and terrifying for most. Dental extractions are the...  Read more

P880  Restorative dentistry:  Phonetic Considerations in Restorative Dentistry by ES Elsubeihi, Y Elkareimi, H Elbishari

The use of phonetics is one of several guides that can be used by the restorative dentist during the assessment and restoration of structurally compromised teeth. To accomplish this, an understanding of the basic mechanisms involved in producing sounds during speech can facilitate the application...  Read more

P894  Technique Tips:  The Modified Transparent Crown: Different Applications for the Conventional Cellulose Acetate Anterior Crown Former by C O’Reilly, A Tanday

The cellulose acetate transparent crown former (also known as a strip crown) has been a popular choice for restoring traumatized and carious anterior teeth for over three decades.  Read more