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Issue: Volume 41 Number 6 - July/August 2014

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P481  Editorial:  News from the IADR by FJT Burke

Every year, the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) holds a research meeting. In June this year, the meeting was held in stunningly beautiful Cape Town.   Read more


P483  Orthodontics:  Smile Analysis: What to Measure by W Batwa, B Grewal, D Gill

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Patients seek dental treatment to improve oral function as well as their attractiveness. In order to improve smile attractiveness, clinicians need to carry out a comprehensive smile assessment. The aim of this paper is to help clinicians to adopt a systematic approach toward smile assessment by...  Read more

P490  Restorative dentistry:  Post Removal Techniques Part 1 by J Dickie, J McCrosson†

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Dismantling restorations from teeth which require endodontic re-treatment can be difficult. Many dentists are reluctant to remove posts through fear of weakening, perforating or fracturing the remaining root structure. A variety of techniques have been described and developed for post removal. This...  Read more

P500  Gerodontology:  Minimal Intervention Dentistry and Older Patients Part 2: Minimally Invasive Operative Interventions by M Hayes, E Allen, C da Mata, G McKenna, F Burke

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As described in the first paper of this two part series, the expansion of our older population and the concomitant reduction in levels of edentulism will result in an increase in the number of patients presenting in general practice with complex restorative challenges. The application of the...  Read more

P506  Prosthodontics:  The ‘Anatomically Difficult’ Denture Case by T Friel

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Complete loss of teeth from one or both arches is a disabling condition which is usually managed by a conventional removable denture. Rehabilitation may be poorly tolerated by patients, particularly in the lower jaw, and is more difficult in situations when the anatomy of the denture-bearing area...  Read more

P514  Restorative dentistry:  The Role of Hemisection in the Prosthetic Management of a Distal Extension Ridge – A Case Report by ARV Pai, VM Babu, K M

This case report illustrates the use of hemisection to minimize the distal extension span. The LR6 was the only molar next to a distal extension of the lower Kennedy’s Class II ridge. Its unrestorable distal root was removed and its mesial portion was retained to serve as an effective antagonist...  Read more

P518  Oral medicine:  Orofacial Viral Infections – An Update for Clinicians by RG Nair, A Salajegheh, A Itthagarun, S Pakneshan, MT Brennan, LP Samarana

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Orofacial viral infections may be less common but appear in different clinical forms. Often these infections get initially treated by antibiotics which obviously will have limited or no effect. The authors review the current concepts of orofacial viral infections, causative agents, their...  Read more

P526  Pharmacology:  Dental Implications of New Oral Anticoagulants for Atrial Fibrillation by C Curtin, JM Hayes, SJ Hayes

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As dental professionals, we should all be familiar with the most common oral anticoagulant, warfarin, and how to manage our patients that are taking it. However, several new oral anticoagulants which have recently been approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) are now...  Read more

P533  Behavioural Management:  In Vivo Exposure Therapy for the Treatment of an Adult Needle Phobic by D McDonnell-Boudra, A Martin, I Hussein

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Dental anxiety is a widespread problem. Behavioural interventions are effective in reducing dental anxiety and dentists are well placed to carry out these interventions. This article aims to familiarize dentists with simple behavioural techniques that can be used to treat patients presenting with...  Read more

P542  Paediatric and General Dentistry:  Is There a Relationship Between Increased Tooth Number and Increased Tooth Size? A Case Report by J Seehra, M Harrison, MT Cobourne

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A unifying theory has been proposed that links anomalies of tooth size and number. Application of this theory suggests that anomalies of tooth size and number may share a common aetiology but could also be predicted. This article highlights an association between macrodontia and hyperdontia as...  Read more

P545  Restorative dentistry:  Restorative Aspects of Periodontal Disease: An Update Part 1 by K Puri, N Puri, V Dodwad, S Surendra Masamatti

Today’s dentistry is dominated by restorative procedures which are carried out to meet the demands of not only function but also aesthetics. Prosthetic and restorative therapies generally require a healthy periodontium as a prerequisite for successful treatment outcome. A mouth with a healthy...  Read more

P554  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by C Peace, T Qureshi

When a non-dental appointment was made to be Chair of the GDC my heart, and I believe those of many of my colleagues, sank.   Read more

P556  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 2. A Sweaty Face by P Crispian Scully, D Dimitrios Malamos

A 77-year-old female complained of sweating from her face anterio-inferiorly to her right ear for 5 years. One year previously, the patient developed transient anosmia, but ENT and MRI examinations revealed no pathology, and the anosmia cleared, though the sweating increased. The history revealed a...  Read more

P557  Technique Tips:  Tips on a Maxillofacial Toolbox by AH Bhanji, RM Graham

When providing an ‘on call’ service for oral and maxillofacial surgery, which can be very busy, one may rely heavily on kit provided on the ward, from theatre and/or in the emergency department, which is not readily to hand.   Read more