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Issue: Volume 41 Number 3 - April 2014

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P193  Editorial:  Forty clinical illustrations by FJT Burke

Dental Update has been in the forefront of clinical dental photography for decades but, most recently, in the form of a series of papers by Mike Sharland (‘Mr Photography in Dentistry’), the most recent of which appeared in the 40th Anniversary issue of this journal.1  Read more


P194  Restorative dentistry:  Management of the Single Discoloured Tooth Part 2: Restorative Options by AJ Barber, PA King

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This is the second article of a two part series covering the aetiology, prevention and broad range of management options for the single discoloured tooth. The article covers situations where masking and simulation techniques with direct composite are required. Direct composite, indirect composite...  Read more

P206  Restorative dentistry:  Interactive Treatment Planning in Toothwear: Are we doing it right? by S Eliyas, K Shah, PFA Briggs

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Toothwear is now common, especially in younger patients, with high demand for the restoration of the damaged teeth which is likely to increase further over time. Fixed prosthodontic options range from direct composite resin to conventional tooth preparation and cemented indirect restorations. This...  Read more

P218  Cariology:  The State-of-the-Art of ART Restorations by JE Frencken

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ART is less anxiety- and pain-provoking than traditional restorative treatments; administration of local anaesthesia is rarely required. Systematic reviews have provided evidence of the high level of effectiveness of high-viscosity glass-ionomer ART restoration in restoring single-surface cavities,...  Read more

P227  Complaint Handling - GDC Core Subject:  How We View Complainants; an Ethical Dilemma? by ACL Holden

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All too often, those patients who complain are thought to be unreasonable. Healthcare professionals often feel that patients do not have an understanding of the pressures and hardships that they struggle with on a day-to-day basis. When a patient complains, it is seen by the professional complained...  Read more

P230  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  Metastatic Involvement of the Maxillary Antrum from an Uncommon Source by R Elledge, ROC Elledge, D Raskauskiene

Metastatic involvement of the jawbones is uncommon, particularly in the maxilla. Case reports of such metastases from renal cell primaries are few, making a consensus on treatment difficult to establish. We present a case of metastatic involvement of the maxilla two years following a nephrectomy...  Read more

P236  Risk Management:  The Management of Risk Part 2: Good Consent and Communication by A Collier

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Valid consent is an absolute requirement of ethically correct treatment. This second article, in a series covering the management of risk, defines consent but also describes the role that appropriate consent, through good communication, plays in clinical and ethical risk management and the...  Read more

P242  Orthodontics:  TADs: An Evolutionary Road to Success by A Pace, J Sandler

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This is a literature search about the clinical use of temporary anchorage devices (TADs) as a means of providing effective orthodontic anchorage. It takes the reader through a journey from the initial description of the technique to the enormous popularity TADs are currently experiencing in...  Read more

P250  Denture Prosthodontics:  Complete Dentures Revisited by JF McCord, P Smith, S Jauhar

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The aim of the article is to assist practitioners in the diagnosis and management of complete denture problems by addressing the problems from a theoretical viewpoint and in a clinically diagnostic way.  Read more

P260  Periodontics:  Does Stress Predispose to Periodontal Disease? by RN Parwani, SR Parwani

The relationship of a sound mind to the maintenance of a healthy body has been recognized throughout most of recorded history. The term ‘stress’ is used to describe adverse emotions or reactions to unpleasant experiences. Individuals with high levels of stress and poor coping skills experience...  Read more

P274  Oral medicine:  Oral Medicine:16. Radiolucencies and Radio-Opacities. C. Odontogenic Tumours by DH Felix, J Luker, P Crispian Scully

This series provides an overview of current thinking in the more relevant areas of Oral Medicine, for primary care practitioners. The series gives the detail necessary to assist the primary dental clinical team caring for patients with oral complaints that may be seen in general dental practice....  Read more

P280  Technique Tips:  The importance of a bitewing radiograph in the endodontic assessment of posterior teeth by A Ray-Chaudhuri, S Buth, P Briggs

Assessment A thorough clinical and radiographic assessment of a posterior tooth is essential prior to embarking on endodontic treatment.  Read more