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Issue: Volume 40 Number 7 - September 2013

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P513  Editorial:  The professional layman? by FJT Burke

Readers of Dental Update in the UK will be aware that we are entering a new era in the regulation of the UK Dental Profession following the appointment of the first lay (ie non-dentist) Chair of the General Dental Council, coincidentally, also the first appointed chair, given that the appointment...  Read more


P514  Dentine Hypersensitivity:  Dentine Hypersensitivity – Guidelines for the Management of a Common Oral Health Problem by DG Gillam, RK Chesters, DC Attrill, P Brunton, M Slater, P Strand, Bartlett

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Dentine hypersensitivity (DHS) remains a worldwide under-reported and under-managed problem, despite making some dental treatments more stressful than necessary and having a negative impact on the patient’s quality of life. This article is designed to build dental professionals’ confidence and...  Read more

P526  Restorative dentistry:  Factors to Consider when Treatment Planning for Patients Seeking Comprehensive Aesthetic Dental Treatment by Z Ali, M Ashley, C West

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Co-operation between specialties, improvements in dental materials, bonding technology, increase in public awareness of ‘cosmetic dentistry’ and patients’ desires to improve their appearance, mean that, increasingly, dental practitioners are being asked how elective treatment may be used to improve...  Read more

P534  Restorative/Paediatric Dentistry:  Trauma to the Primary Dentition and its Sequelae by M Ranka, H Dhaliwal, S Albadri, C Brown

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Trauma to the primary dentition is common. This injury may have an impact on the child and his/her parents. The examining dentist should take appropriate factors into consideration before providing the required treatment. This paper discusses the management of trauma to the primary teeth and...  Read more

P543  Infection control:  Can Oil Lubricated Dental Handpieces be Sterilized?: Part 1. The Problem by R Singh Kudhail

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HTM 01-05 guidelines state that decontamination of handpieces remains a challenge, in particular the lumen, due to oil impeding access for steam sterilization. This paper discusses important aspects of cleaning and sterilization of the handpiece lumen and critically appraises the literature found...  Read more

P550  General Practice:  Domestic Abuse – An Under-Reported Problem in General Dental Practice? by L Hardwick, R James

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‘Child abuse’ is a topic about which clinicians will be well informed. There are protocols relating to the management of patients suspected of having sustained non-accidental injuries and clinical staff will be expected, as part of mandatory training, to receive education in this area. Domestic...  Read more

P555  Orthodontics:  Invisible Orthodontics Part 3: Aesthetic Orthodontic Brackets by DT Waring, A McMullin, OH Malik

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In this, the third part of the series, aesthetic orthodontic treatment will be considered. The previous two articles have looked at invisible orthodontics with Invisalign and lingual brackets. This article will discuss the properties and use of aesthetic brackets, along with examples of orthodontic...  Read more

P564  Restorative Dentistry/Oral Surgery:  Computerized Tomography, Stereolithography and Dental Implants in the Rehabilitation of Oral Cancer Patients by M Patel, Z Al-Momani, N Hodson, PJ Nixon, D Mitchell

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As survival rates improve it is important to consider the quality of life for oral cancer patients post-treatment. The primary goal is removal of the tumour, however, with a gradual increase in survival rates, post-operative rehabilitation is now becoming increasingly important. Specialists in...  Read more

P577  Implant Dentistry:  Evolution of Surgical Guidance in Implant Dentistry by M Kalra, A IN, D B

The optimal positioning of oral implants ensures good biomechanical, functional, aesthetic and phonetic results. The concept of surgical guidance in implant dentistry has been developed to bridge the gap between pre-operative treatment planning and surgical site preparation. This article discusses...  Read more

P584  Case report:  The Multidisciplinary Conservative Management of a Vital Crown Root Fracture by S O’Toole, Térèse Garvey, A Hashem

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This case study reports on the multidisciplinary management of a maxillary canine which sustained an unusual labial crown root fracture, resulting in a large veneer-like fragment. The canine was extruded orthodontically and the fragment was re-attached using adhesive materials. This...  Read more

P593  Oral medicine:  Oral Medicine:10. Lumps and Swellings: Neck by DH Felix, J Luker, P Crispian Scully

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This series provides an overview of current thinking in the more relevant areas of Oral Medicine, for primary care practitioners. The series gives the detail necessary to assist the primary dental clinical team caring for patients with oral complaints that may be seen in general dental practice....  Read more

Other Resources

P589  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by D Vasudev Ballal, J Aitken, C O'Malley, M Muneer

Letters to the Editor  Read more