Article: Volume 47 Number 10 Page 784 - November 2020

  Dent Update 2020; 47: 784-785  Read article

Guest Editorial:  Oral health: 2030 vision

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Abstract: In the 50 years since the formation of the Oral Health Foundation, there have been huge advances in the oral health of the nation. However, a fundamental shift in mindset and attitude, from both the public and the profession, is needed, with a greater focus on the prevention of oral diseases. Further improvements are necessary to lessen social inequities in rates of oral disease, reduce the number of paediatric extractions and improve the population’s awareness of oral health.

Author notes: Nigel Carter, OBE, BDS, LDS(RCS), Chief Executive, Oral Health Foundation, Chair, Royal Society for Public Health and Ben Atkins, President, Oral Health Foundation.