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Article: Volume 43 Number 10 Page 905 - December 2016

  Dent Update 2016; 43: 905-905  Read article

Editorial:  Whither UK dentistry after Brexit?

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Abstract: I am fortunate enough to be writing this Comment while having a few days in Provence where, as compared with the UK, the summer seems to be extended by 6 weeks. However, the downside is that things here are costing me a lot more than a year ago, as I noticed when visiting the Bureaux de Change on the way here, with the pound in my pocket achieving 1.08 Euros as compared with 1.35 a year ago. The rate against the dollar is even worse, with the pound falling to a 35 year low. My thoughts then turned to UK dentists and the materials, devices and equipment that they need to buy on a daily basis. Most of it comes from Europe, Japan or the USA! Some, mainly amalgam, from Australia. Because of the fall in the value of the pound, a rise in the price of materials, devices and equipment is therefore inevitable. How can that be funded? Many readers will be in the fixed price contracts which are part of the NHS in the UK and I would be surprised if the NHS has a contingency fund at the ready to help dentists when the prices of their materials rises. For those working under private contract, the price can be passed on to patients, but will those patients be pleased when they see the cost of their treatment increasing? No! A crisis awaits.

Author notes: F J Trevor Burke