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Issue: Volume 46 Number 6 - June 2019

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P505  Editorial:  A collective dental shame? by FJT Burke

In my time in the medicolegal business I received requests for help in resolving disputes between dentists who worked together, or between a dentist selling a practice and the person purchasing it.  Read more


P507  Introduction:  'I learnt about Dentistry from that' by FJT Burke

The concept of an open reporting culture in dentistry was first discussed in Dental Update by Captain Steve Hawkins in a publication in November 20171 and followed up in an editorial2 in January of this year. In that, readers were invited to give their views on whether they would support a one-page...  Read more

P508  Medicine in Dentistry:  Hypertension – An Update for the Dental (Sedation) Team by R Leader, T Thayer, B Maher, C Bell

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Hypertension is the commonest risk factor contributing to the global burden of disease. Public Health England estimates that, in England, 24% of the population are hypertensive, with 40% possibly undiagnosed. With this in mind, dentists, in particular those undertaking sedation, are in a perfect...  Read more

P514  Implant Dentistry:  A Guide to Implant Dentistry Part 2: Surgical and Prosthodontic Considerations by D Chatzistavrianou, PHR Wilson, P Taylor

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Implant rehabilitation is a successful treatment modality for the replacement of missing teeth, but careful treatment planning, restoratively-driven implant placement and individualized maintenance are prerequisites for success in order to control and minimize technical and biologic complications....  Read more

P524  Restorative dentistry:  Survival Rates of Resin Composite Restorations in Loadbearing Situations in Posterior Teeth by FJT Burke, L Mackenzie, ACC Shorthall

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The use of resin composite for routine restoration of cavities in posterior teeth is now commonplace, and will increase further following the Minamata Agreement and patient requests for tooth-coloured restorations in their posterior teeth. It is therefore relevant to evaluate the published survival...  Read more

P537  Prosthodontics:  Complete Denture Series Part 2: Tips on How to Correct 10 Avoidable Errors by S Jayachandran, W Leyssen, AD Walmsley

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The first article of this series identified the common reasons for referral for complete denture patients to secondary care. With this background, this article provides general dental practitioners (GDPs) with clinical tips to avoid the common errors whilst making complete dentures.  Read more

P546  Paediatric dentistry:  Treatment Options for Deciduous Molar Hypomineralization: a Report of Three Cases by Y Quintero, M Restrepo, J Angélica Saldarriaga, A Saldarriaga, L Santo

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Deciduous molar hypomineralization (DMH) is an enamel defect of systemic and multifactorial origin that affects the second deciduous molar. Currently, its treatment is based on guidelines for Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH), a disturbance that affects permanent molars and may or may not be...  Read more

P554  Radiology:  Non Dental Incidental Findings on Dental Panoramic Radiographs: Identification and Management by A Ahsan-Mohammed, RJ Clarkson, FA Carmichael

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All relevant ‘dental’ radiographic anomalies require a report, be they related to the teeth, mandible, maxillary sinuses, temporomandibular joints or soft tissues. However, non-dental incidental findings are often present on dental radiographs, some of which may be due to systemic disease: these...  Read more

P561  Oral Surgery/Orthodontics:  Unusual Presentation of a Tooth Associated with an Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumour by NJ Patel, S Toms, F McDonald, J Johnson, L McArdle

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Unilocular radiolucent lesions of the dental hard tissues can present regularly, however they are impossible to diagnose definitively without appropriate imaging and histopathology. A case is reported that involves a 14-year-old that presented with a history of an unerupted maxillary first...  Read more

P565  Oral surgery:  Facial Palsy: Aetiology, Diagnosis and Management by S McKernon, A Davies House, C Balmer

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Facial nerve palsy is the most frequently occurring cranial neuropathy reported to affect 1 in 60 people during their lifetime. An important step in examining these patients, is establishing whether the palsy is caused by an upper or lower motor neurone. Of the many potential aetiologies, Bell’s...  Read more

P573  Oral medicine:  Lichen Planus – The Role of the General Dental Practitioner by BES Dawoud, SH Mohamed, J Wareing

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Oral lichen planus is frequently encountered in primary and secondary dental care. The soft tissues of the mouth should always be examined carefully at check-ups and any abnormality be palpated to detect change in consistency (induration) along with any changes in colour or general appearance. Such...  Read more

P580  Patient Satisfaction:  Patient Feedback Questionnaires – Why Bother? by M Kumar, GC Mattos Savage, JW Aukett, JE Gallagher

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The aim of this article is to encourage general dental practitioners (GDPs) to obtain feedback from patients on a regular basis and act on it. This article will familiarize clinicians with the current concepts of patient experience, patient satisfaction and patient reported outcome measures. It...  Read more

P592  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to The Editor by D Martin, J Henley, T Renton, J Sher, A Sholapurkar, K Kirkham-Ali

I am interested to know if my performer levy to the local dental committee (LDC) is compulsory, or not? When I became an NHS associate in 2008, I was led to believe that the levy was a statutory requirement.   Read more

P595  Clinical Experiences Of Readers:  'I learnt about Dentistry from that' by Not Applicable

Readers are encouraged to submit clinical experiences, good and bad, in a culture of open reporting, so that other clinicians will learn from these experiences. Unlike articles in Dental Update, in which published articles are peer reviewed by two experts in the field of the article, this page is...  Read more

P596  Technique Tips:  Guided Surgical Crown Lengthening by G Calvert

Surgical crown lengthening is broadly indicated for aesthetic and functional reasons.1,2 Aesthetic indications include altered passive eruption, gingival asymmetry, excess gingival show and correcting the height to width ratio of teeth.Functional indications are mostly concerned with increasing the...  Read more