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Issue: Volume 44 Number 1 - January 2017

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P5  Guest Editorial:  What is Restorative Dentistry? by SC Barclay

To answer this question, as is so often the case, it is perhaps more pertinent to consider what it is not! It is not routine dentistry, very definitely not ‘cosmetic’ or ‘aesthetic’ dentistry and is not those elements of primary care dentistry presently deemed as only deliverable in the private...  Read more


P8  Restorative dentistry:  The Paradoxes of Phantom Bite Syndrome or Occlusal Dysaesthesia (‘Dysesthesia’) by MG Kelleher, L Rasaratnam, S Djemal

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Phantom bite syndrome was first described by Marbach over 40 years ago as a mono-symptomatic hypochondriacal psychosis. He used the term to describe a prolonged syndrome in which patients report that their ‘bite is wrong’ or that ‘their dental occlusion is abnormal’ with this causing them great...  Read more

P33  Periodontics:  A New Perspective on Dentine Hypersensitivity – Guidelines for General Dental Practice by DG Gillam

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The aim of this review is to update dental professionals on the issues and challenges associated with the clinical management of dentine hypersensitivity (DH) and to provide simple guidelines based on presenting clinical features that may help them successfully manage the condition in their...  Read more

P45  Paediatric dentistry:  Could Video Glasses Contribute to Behaviour Management in the 21st Century? by A Casaus, B Patel, L Brown, K Coomaraswamy

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Dental fear in the paediatric population can be a significant barrier to providing optimal dental care. Pharmacological management techniques utilized to manage anxiety, such as conscious sedation and general anaesthesia, are expensive and require specialized equipment with additional staff...  Read more

P53  Oral Pathology:  Case Report: Metastatic Infratemporal Soft Tissue Myeloma Presenting as a Numb Lower Lip by N Rice, BA, B Srinivasan, D Macpherson

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This is a case of a patient presenting to his general dental practitioner (GDP) with altered sensation in his lower lip with no obvious cause. Due to a prompt referral, the patient was investigated and diagnosed with an extramedullary presentation of multiple myeloma. A numb lip can present in...  Read more

P56  Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry:  Frequently Asked Questions about Vital Tooth Whitening by E Mchantaf, H Mansour, J Sabbagh, M Feghali, RJ McConnell

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Improving patients’ aesthetics is an important request in daily practice. Tooth whitening is a treatment option available for improving aesthetics. This paper will pose questions asked by our patients on bleaching techniques and outcomes and offer appropriate up-to-date answers.   Read more

P64  Orthodontics:  The Limitations of Short-Term Orthodontics and Why We Still Need Specialists – A Review of the Current Literature by S Luqmani

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Short-term orthodontics (STO) serves to align anterior teeth. It has become popular in cosmetic dentistry as an alternative to destructive veneers and lengthy conventional orthodontics. The aim of this article is to raise awareness of the clinical limitations of STO and highlight some of the...  Read more

P70  Oral medicine:  Sore or Swollen Lips Part 3: Diagnosis and Treatment by D Malamos, C Scully

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This series of three papers reviews the causes, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, and outlines the management of sore and/or swollen lips.  Read more

P75  General Practice:  Serving the Customer – Do Patient Feedback and Questionnaires Improve Quality? by A Keshtgar

This review article aims to analyse whether patient feedback and questionnaires improve quality of care. It is recognized that patients cannot assess the medical competence of the clinician, yet patient experience provides an insight into the process of care through the patients’ eyes. Patient...  Read more

P80  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 27. Soreness in the Floor of the Mouth by D Malamos

A 25-year-old woman complained of severe pain in the floor of her mouth for 3 days following toothache from a lower anterior tooth. This lesion was not associated with fever, malaise or cervical lymphadenopathy and appeared one day after an episode of toothache from a necrotic central right lower...  Read more

P81  Technique Tips:  A New Look at Repairing Fractured Metal-Ceramic Restorations: Use of a Universal Bonding System and Resin Composite, following Sandblasting by FJT Burke

The fracture of the ceramic from a metal-ceramic restoration may often lead to an emergency attendance, as previously explained.1 It is the aim of this technique tip to describe a contemporary method of repairing fractured metal-ceramic restorations using only the Cojet sand included in the Cojet...  Read more


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