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Issue: Volume 43 Number 8 - October 2016

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P705  Editorial:  The legacy that Declan Anderson left for toothwear patients by FJT Burke

It was with sadness that I read the obituary for Declan John Anderson, who passed away, aged 95, on Easter Day 2016.1 He was, according to his Obituary, best known for his work on the sensory mechanisms relating to pain from human dentine, with this work advising us that the sensitivity was due to...  Read more


P706  Orthodontics:  The Role of the GDP in Assessment and Management of the Early Orthodontic Referral by AMC Flett, J Sandler

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Many of the orthodontic patients in the UK are treated in early adolescence. This occurs when most of the permanent dentition has erupted and after the general dental practitioner (GDP) has had the opportunity to assess the patient using the index of orthodontic treatment need (IOTN). There are...  Read more

P723  Disinfection/Decontamination:  Evaluation of Quaternary Ammonium Compound Disinfectants against Mycobacteria in Dental Practices by T Sandle

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This paper discusses the use in dental practices of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) and alcohol-based disinfectants in relation to bactericidal efficacy against mycobacteria. QAC disinfectants are commonly used in dental practices, although there are concerns about their efficacy against...  Read more

P728  Preventive Dentistry:  Mouthwashes: Do They Work and Should We Use Them? Part 3 Safety of Mouthwashes by P Hodge

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There have been numerous reports in the scientific literature investigating the possible association between alcohol-containing mouthwashes and oral cancer but relatively few epidemiological surveys have taken place and the findings have been equivocal. This article will address the controversial...  Read more

P734  Restorative dentistry:  Periodontal Disease- Breaking the Downward Spiral of the Disease Process by E Kehily

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Periodontal disease is a common disease affecting more than 50% of the world’s adult population. It presents a diagnostic and treatment challenge for the dental clinician. A successful treatment outcome can be achieved by early and repeated intervention when signs of disease are evident in the...  Read more

P745  Oral surgery:  A Guide to Deep Neck Space Fascial Infections for the Dental Team by B Main, J Collin, M Coyle, S Thomas

The majority of serious dental infections can be prevented by early treatment of the local pathology. Patients with potentially life-threatening neck space infections arising from the oral cavity may, however, still present in dental practice. This paper outlines the pertinent surgical anatomy and...  Read more

P753  General Dental practice:  Natural Rubber Latex Allergies from Dental Local Anaesthetic- a Review and Guidance for the Dental Practitioner by J Thomas, C Bell

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Natural rubber latex (NRL) is present within many dental products including local anaesthetic (LA) cartridges. Patients with NRL sensitivity are at risk of developing type I and type IV allergic reactions from exposure to these products. Evidence from current literature is inconclusive yet highly...  Read more

P760  Oral surgery:  The Importance of Prompt Referral when Tooth Roots are Displaced into the Maxillary Antrum by AN Beech, JN Farrier

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When an upper tooth is extracted a possible complication is the creation of an oro-antral communication with the added risk of displacement of tooth roots into the antrum. We present a case of a displaced palatal root of an upper first molar tooth which was found in a superior position in the...  Read more

P766  Restorative dentistry:  The Importance of Correct Diagnosis and Treatment in Endo-Periodontal Lesions- A Two Cases Comparison by S Bernardi, C Frascarelli, G Fantozzi, S Caruso, R Gatto, G Maria Nardi, M Continenza

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This paper illustrates two endo-periodontal lesions treated with the same standardized protocols with different prognoses. In the first case, the endodontics and periodontal therapies were performed with clinical and radiological healing of the lesion. In the second case, the tooth had to be...  Read more

P772  Oral medicine:  Mouth Cancer for Clinicians Part 14: Cancer Prevention by N Kalavrezos, C Scully

A MEDLINE search early in 2015 revealed more than 250,000 papers on head and neck cancer; over 100,000 on oral cancer; and over 60,000 on mouth cancer. Not all publications contain robust evidence. We endeavour to encapsulate the most important of the latest information and advances now employed in...  Read more

P786  Oral surgery:  Hypercoagulopathy and Dento-alveolar Surgery- A Case of Exodontia in a Patient with Hughes’ Syndrome by V Petrosyan, RWF Carr, T Milton, PJ Revington

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Antiphospholipid syndrome is a thrombophilic disorder in which the presence of serum autoantibodies to phospholipid causes disruption of the protein C antithrombotic pathway. Deposition of these autoantibodies in small blood vessels can lead to intimal hyperplasia and acute thromboses. The...  Read more

P791  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by D Tom Bereznicki, M Wei, P Seth, R Foxton, J Darcey, C Bain

A female patient aged 64 had bitewing radiographs in February 2006 (Figure 1a and b) − no pathology or abnormalities were observed. The patient was an irregular attender and, on returning for a check-up in January 2009, further bitewings were taken (Figure 2a and b). The patient had no...  Read more

P794  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 24. Dark Gingivae by D Malamos, C Scully

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A 32-year-old Caucasian woman was referred for evaluation of the dark colour of her gingivae accidentally found by her dentist during a routine dental check-up. On her intra-oral examination, a diffuse, asymptomatic, symmetrical and dark brown discoloration of both upper and lower gingivae (free...  Read more

P796  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – Incisal Tips through the Window by G Calvert

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The prevalence of toothwear is increasing in both adolescent and adult populations.1-3 A popular approach for the management of toothwear is to utilize direct composite resin.4-7 This minimally invasive technique restores natural form, function and aesthetics by preserving tooth substance and...  Read more