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Issue: Volume 40 Number 3 - April 2013

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P165  Editorial:  A show of hands by FJT Burke

Another successful Dental Update Study Day was held on 15 March 2013, the topic covered being The Dental Implant – First or Last Option? A variety of experts in the fields of endodontics, implantology and treatment decision-making examined what implants and root fillings could or could not do,...  Read more


P166  Restorative dentistry:  Posts – When It All Goes Wrong! Part 2: Post Removal Techniques by S Rollings, B Stevenson, D Ricketts

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Many different techniques for the removal of posts have been proposed over the years, including the development of a number of different instruments and systems. This article discusses a number of the more common techniques, systems and their indications.  Read more

P181  Periodontics:  Techniques for Effective Management of Periodontitis by D Turani, SM Bissett, PM Preshaw

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The treatment of periodontitis is a complex process that can last for many years. Successful management of this common inflammatory condition necessitates team work by the patient, dental hygienist and dentist. A variety of complex skills are required including, not only the necessary clinical...  Read more

P194  Clinical Practice:  Are Friends Electric?: A Review of the Electric Handpiece in Clinical Dental Practice by SC Campbell

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Contemporary restorative procedures demand precise detail in tooth preparation to achieve optimal results. Inadequate tooth preparation is a frequent cause of failure. This review considers the electric high-speed, high-torque handpiece and how it may assist clinicians in achieving greater accuracy...  Read more

P203  Orthodontics:  Invisible Orthodontics Part 1: Invisalign by OH Malik, A McMullin, DT Waring

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This paper discusses the invisible orthodontic treatment modalities of Invisalign aligners, lingual appliances and aesthetic brackets. The first part of this three-part series will discuss Invisalign aligner treatment. The second part will discuss lingual appliance treatment and the third part will...  Read more

P216  Case report:  Osteosarcoma of the Mandible Mimicking an Odontogenic Abscess: A Case Report and Review of the Literature by CJ Bhadage, S Vaishampayan, S Kolhe, H Umarji

Inflammatory lesions, like periapical/odontogenic abscesses, are by far the most common pathologic condition of the jaws. Radiographically, these lesions commonly manifest as widening of periodontal ligament space, discontinuity of lamina dura and ill-defined periapical radiolucency. There are some...  Read more

P222  Restorative dentistry:  Contemporary Management of Generalized Erosive Tooth Surface Loss by M Patel, D Seymour, MFW-Y Chan

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Management of generalized erosive tooth surface loss can be challenging. Careful pre-operative assessment of the patient and treatment planning is essential. The aim of any treatment provided is to prevent further tooth surface loss, restore aesthetics and function, and provide a stable occlusal...  Read more

P231  Oral medicine:  Oral Medicine: 7. Red and Pigmented Lesions by DH Felix, J Luker, P Crispian Scully

This series provides an overview of current thinking in the more relevant areas of Oral Medicine, for primary care practitioners. The series gives the detail necessary to assist the primary dental clinical team caring for patients with oral complaints that may be seen in general dental practice....  Read more

P240  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – An Extracted Tooth used as a Pontic by E Clarke, L McElligot, A Warreth

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Chronic periodontitis is characterized with destruction of the periodontal apparatus. It is classified as localized or generalized.  Read more