Wed 14th April 2021 @7pm

The relationship between dentine hypersensitivity and erosive tooth wear
by Dr Saoirse O’Toole
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Thurs 15th April 2021 @7pm

How to make Social Media work for you and your practice
by Ben Atkins and Anna Middleton
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Tues 20th April 2021 @7pm

Timesaving products for timesaving procedures: Dentistry During a Pandemic
by Dr John Rafelt
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Wed 21st April 2021 @7pm

Making clear aligners more predictable – My principles for success
By Dr Josh Rowley
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Article: Volume 48 Number 3 Page 173 - March 2021

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  Dent Update 2021; 48: 173-176

Editorial:  Treating tooth wear in primary dental care

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Abstract: If general dental practitioner readers can remember back to the halcyon (even if we did not think that it was thus at the time!) pre-pandemic times, they will be aware that the incidence of tooth wear (TW) in their patients was increasing, the volume of the problem being confirmed by a 2018 review in which in which indicated a global prevalence of 20–45%, and erosion in permanent teeth in the UK being between 12% and 100% depending upon which study was cited.

Author notes: FJ Trevor Burke