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Article: Volume 47 Number 2 Page 149 - February 2020

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  Dental Update 475: 149-152

Paediatric dentistry:  Unusual Presentation of a Pyogenic Granuloma in a 6-Year-Old Child

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Abstract: A 6-year-old girl was referred for assessment of an oral soft tissue swelling in the anterior maxilla. An asymptomatic, large, erythematous soft tissue mass developed on the alveolar ridge following the loss of the deciduous upper central incisor. Following excision of the lesion, a diagnosis of pyogenic granuloma was confirmed. This case demonstrates the unusual presentation of a pyogenic granuloma in a younger child. These lesions can arise as a reactive response to various stimulating factors and can grow rapidly. Management often involves excision but recurrence risk can be high.

Clinical relevance: Dentists should not only be aware of the common oral soft tissue changes but should also familiarize themselves with lesions that can occur atypically in children.

Author notes: Mona Agel, BDS, MJDF RCS(Eng), MDPH, Specialty Registrar in Paediatric Dentistry, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Meera Ahluwalia, BDS, MSc(Lond), FDS(Paed Dent), Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

Objective: To recognize the presentation of pyogenic granulomas in paediatric patients and understand the principles of management of these lesions.