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Article: Volume 45 Number 5 Page 462 - May 2018

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  Dent Update 2018; 45: 462-467

Behavioural science:  Success with Motivational Interviewing Techniques in the Dental Clinic: a Case for the Use of iMI-GPS

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Abstract: In this paper the origins and philosophy of Motivational Interviewing are described. Also, what the method seeks to do and the basic processes involved in delivering a consultation based on Motivational Interviewing principles are explained. Then research that has reviewed the evidence for the efficacy of the technique in dentistry is outlined, followed by a discussion of how the dental team can apply some of the tools used in Motivational Interviewing to deliver a structured, goal-directed behaviour change programme inspired by Motivational Interviewing and grounded in the principles of goal-setting, planning and self-monitoring.

Clinical relevance: This paper discusses Motivational Interviewing techniques and how they might be adapted for the dental team.

Author notes: Koula Asimakopoulou, BSc(Hons), PhD, Reader in Health Psychology, King’s College London Dental Institute and Tim Newton, BA, PhD, Professor of Psychology as Applied to Dentistry, King’s College London Dental Institute, Guy’s Hospital, London SE1 9RT, UK.

Objective: To understand the advantages and limitations of using Motivational Interviewing techniques in the dental surgery. Enhanced CPD DO A & DO B