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Dental Update publishes postgraduate articles covering new and established clinical treatment. All articles are peer reviewed, offering subscribers an unbiased and professional platform for continuing professional development and education in the UK. Dental Update carries 40 hours of verifiable CPD per year.

Current Live Edition: Volume 43 Number 9 - November 2016

P805  Guest Editorial:  Light curing may not be as simple as it seems – again! by FJT Burke

In a Comment in 2011, I drew readers’ attention to a number of problems associated with Light Curing Units (LCUs), today an essential part of the dental clinicians’ armamentarium. These included deficiencies in the disinfection of LCUs, and anxieties regarding the delivery of sufficient light...

P806  Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal College of Surgeons by E Kidd, BKB Berkovitz, C Phillips

P812  Dental Trauma Part 1- Acute Management of Luxation/Displacement Injuries by S Djemal, P Singh, R Tomson, M Kelleher  CPD

P826  The Use of 3D Metal Printing (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) in Removable Prosthodontics by DP Laverty, MBM Thomas, P Clark, LD Addy  CPD

P836  Hypersensitivity to Dental Composites and Resin-Bonding Agents by A Ahsan, M Ashley  CPD

P844  Primary Extranodal Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in the Infra-Orbital Region – A Diagnostic Challenge by N Thanabalan, V Patel, C Sproat, M McGurk  CPD

P849  Blood Tests for People with Severe Learning Disabilities Receiving Dental Treatment under General Anaesthesia by S Clough, Z Shehabi, C Morgan, C Sheppey     CPD

P859  Vascular Lesions of the Head and Oral Cavity – Diagnosis and Management by G Elias, K McMillan, A Monaghan  CPD

P867  Relating Aesthetics to Clinical Need: Improved Aesthetics of an Ill-Fitting Crown and Anterior Toothwear by D Panchal, FJT Burke  CPD

P874  Sore or Swollen Lips Part 1- Causes and Diagnosis by D Malamos, C Scully  CPD

P883  Dental Anxiety- Understanding is the Key to Effective Management by F Ahmed, IA Quddus, MO Sharif, K Ahmed  CPD

P891  Letters to the Editor by M Robert Chate, V Ketheeswaranathan Renu George, M Manisali, R Lilleker

P895  Clinical Challenges Q&A 25. White Gingivae by D Malamos, C Scully

P896  Technique Tips – A Simplified Technique of Fabricating Foldable Mandibular Complete Denture using a Custom-Made Hinge Assembly by SJ Nair, A IN, S Pradeep, D B

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