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Issue: Volume 41 Number 10 - December 2014

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P861  Editorial:  The relevance of dental research by JT Burke

At Dental Update, we are fortunate to be able to attract a talented and diverse group of authors. They simplify the lives of all of us by trawling through the vast dental literature in order to come up with their expert views on what it all means.   Read more


P862  Dental public health:  Fact or Fiction: Does a Relationship Exist between Free Sugars, Dental Caries and Body Weight? by S Carson, R Freeman

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This article is about dental caries and body weight. It will provide the reader with an overview of the complexity in the relationship between these and suggest the implications of taking a public health approach when addressing them within a primary dental care setting.  Read more

P867  Orthodontic-Restorative Dentistry Interface:  Management of Microdont Maxillary Lateral Incisors by S Khan, D Gill, GS Bassi

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Maxillary microdont lateral incisors can have significant implications on the development of the permanent dentition in terms of the eruption of maxillary permanent canines, as well as on the aesthetics of the upper labial segment and the overall occlusion, depending on the extent of microdontia....  Read more

P876  Orthodontics:  Management of Patients with Non-Syndromic Clefts of the Lip and/or Palate Part 3: From Age 10 until Adulthood by GT McIntyre

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Parts 1 and 2 of this article addressed the care of children with cleft of the lip and/or palate until age 10. The third part of this article discusses their care until adulthood.  Read more

P882  Restorative dentistry:  Swallowed and Inhaled Dentures − What’s the Problem? by E King, R Jagger

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Loose or fractured dentures may be displaced towards the back of the mouth into the pharynx and become ingested or inhaled. The consequences of denture impaction on a patient’s health can be severe, both short-term and long-term. Diagnosis and treatment can be challenging, therefore an...  Read more

P891  Restorative dentistry:  Hypodontia: Aesthetics and Function Part 2: Management by R Holliday, N Lush, J Chapple, F Nohl, B Cole

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Patients with hypodontia present clinical challenges in relation to function and aesthetics. In this two part series we will explore the clinical features of hypodontia (part 1) and will move on to discuss the interdisciplinary management of hypodontia (part 2).  Read more

P900  General Dentistry:  Dental Handpieces – An Update by N Akuji, S Shah

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The dental handpiece is a frequently used instrument in the clinician’s armamentarium. Dental handpieces were first introduced in the nineteenth century as primitive hand-operated devices. Advances in technology have enabled modern handpieces to evolve into sophisticated, engineered precision...  Read more

P907  Special Care Dentistry:  The Multidisciplinary Use of Intranasal/Intravenous Conscious Sedation: Four Case Reports by L Wray, G Manley

Conscious sedation provides the dentist with the opportunity to provide dental treatment for patients unable to accept care in the usual way. Often these challenging patients are in need of other medical interventions which they are also unable to accept. The use of conscious sedation utilizing...  Read more

P912  General Dental practice:  The Use of the Operating Microscope in General Dental Practice Part 1: Magnification in General by SJ Bonsor

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An increasing number of clinicians are using magnification to facilitate their vision when carrying out dental examinations and treatments. The use of an operating microscope in some dental specialties (such as endodontics) is now commonplace and there is also a role for this equipment in branches...  Read more

P920  Implantology:  The Role of Dental Implants in the Management of Dento-Alveolar Trauma Part 1 by S Shahdad, E Gamble

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Patients who suffer dento-alveolar trauma present a unique challenge for the dentist. There are numerous options to consider when attempting to restore the dentition. This article reviews the role of dental implants in replacing lost or damaged teeth. It also describes some of the options available...  Read more

P931  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by MG Cann, A Dutta, WP Saunders, S Djemal, A Furness

Calcium silicate materials in endodontics  Read more

P935  Technique Tips:  An Indirect Technique to Fabricate a Fibre-Reinforced Custom Post and Core Restoration by M Gaintantzopoulou, D Mandas

The introduction of carbon or glass fibre post systems may provide an alternative to metal posts for their biomimetic behaviour and favourable aesthetics when all-ceramic crowns are to be placed.  Read more