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Understanding your NHS Pension and Benefits
Join Michael Copeland and Wilf Moralee
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Wed 22nd September 2021 @7pm

The latest breakthrough in 3M technology - 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus adhesive and 3M™ RelyX™ Universal resin cement
Dr John Rafelt
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The Power, Art, Synergy and Simplicity of Digital Dentistry
Dr Rob Chaffe and Steve Campbell
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A team approach to periodontal management – together we achieve more!
Helen Minnery
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Issue Feedback: Volume 48 Number 4 - April 2021

   5 ratings, 9 comments - Add your feedback.

Sean Phelan   15 Jun 2021
Question 5 has a misprint in paper version only so no correct answer, for those that transfer across like me. Wish I had read the online answers as the correct answer was actually worded correctly online

Katarzyna Mikusz-Krawczyk   13 Jun 2021  -   
there is no correct answer in Q5

Hitesh Gohil   10 Jun 2021  -   
Q5 misprint- in the magazine and on line- the question had no correct answer. Admin- Take note

Nisha Patel   10 Jun 2021  -   
Q5- there is a misprint- as a result - THERE IS NO CORRECT ANSWER. MY 100% CORRECT RECORD IS RUINED!!!!!

Sarah Rhys Thomas   5 May 2021
Question 5 is incorrectly marked as to the information given in the article in the digital version. Also, as has been noted, in the paper version of the questions,there is no correct answer

Joan Nolan   3 May 2021
Question 5 incorrect question in journal.
Incorrect answer online

Chris Ayer   2 May 2021
Question 5 is misprinted in the magazine and is incorrect online

Mark Fisher   30 Apr 2021  -   
Please check out question 5.
Answer A in print is not the same as it is online - there's a "not" in it.
Furthermore, the correct answer you have online didn't match what was written in the article.
I am.

David Rhoden   29 Apr 2021  -   
Am I alone in thinking that question 5 has no correct answer?