31st May 2022 @7pm
Composite v Amalgam
Louis MacKenzie
Sponsored by the Oral Health Foundation


7th June 2022 @7pm
NHS vs Private Dentistry
Iain Stevenson, Nigel Jones, Mike Blenkharn & Aaron Prested
Sponsored by Wesleyan


8th June 2022 @7pm
Biomimetic Restorations Simplified
Hussein Patanwala
Sponsored by GC


14th June 2022 @7pm
How the pandemic has changed our mouths - The oral health aftermath
Lottie Manahan
Sponsored by Waterpik


15th June 2022 @7pm
Senior Radiation Protection Adviser & Medical Physics Expert
Neil Pick
Sponsored by DD


Issue Feedback: Volume 47 Number 6 - June 2020

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David Pilgrim   7 Aug 2020

The answer format is confusing. ie. having question 1 referring to another question in brackets. This jumbling on numbers and format can lead to confusion when filling in answers.

Jonathan Godfrey   30 Jun 2020  -   

The question 'Regarding the epidemiology of CTS' appears to have two correct answers, both B&D if the information in the article is accurate. Have I misinterpreted the question? Is it a 'typo'?