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Issue Feedback: Volume 46 Number 5 - May 2019

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Miles Atkinson   23 Jun 2019  -   
As above - I assumed a typo and answered A - never assume!

Peter West   4 Jun 2019  -   
Yep, just realised, Qu10 A in the mag is different from online. Read only the online when answering.

Peter West   4 Jun 2019  -   
CPD page. Question 10 has two correct answers. A and C. Not sure how to answer it

Taranjit Singh Badh   20 May 2019  -   
Latest Dental Update May 2019

Q10 answer choice A in the journal is different from the online answer choice.

Michael Habisreutinger   18 May 2019  -   
Highly relevant to the GDP, varied informative articles

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