Issue Feedback: Volume 45 Number 4 - April 2018

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Sarah Hayes   15 Jun 2018  -   
I agree with P West, the answer to CPD question 4 is incorrect and the article indicates the correct answer is B. Can this be checked and amended?

K Ross   21 May 2018  -   

Peter West   4 May 2018  -   
Regarding the CPD questions. No 4 referring to Stage 2. You are in error. You say the correct answer is C "Smokers in this category believe that the consequence of smoking are insignificant". But that is quoted in Stage 1, Pre-contemplation, page 299. The smoker in Stage 2 is " aware of the health risks of continuing to smoke" quoted from Stage 2 Contemplation. I also think there is no benefit in making us wait for the certificate if we get any wrong answers...Why?? Sounds like you are punishing us.