Issue Feedback: Volume 44 Number 10 - November 2017

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D.R. Harrop   28 Dec 2017  -   
It's scary when you read these articles and how everyones going on about having to have CT scans for 8's , and how every thing is about recording ( not doing )
How I survived 43 years without burnout worries me that I must have underachieved like so many of the 70's graduates .
So the solution .... I retire today and thank god it's over . No more sword of Damacles hanging over my head ;-)

L Musgrove   21 Nov 2017  -   

Dominic Rossiter   20 Nov 2017  -   
Generally good as always, however was a bit confused that implant success rates were quoted as 90%+ in article regarding implantology/mental health, where-as in issue 8 peri-implantitis was quoted as being up to 30-50% of peri-implant it is not regarded as implant failure?