Issue Feedback: Volume 44 Number 4 - April 2017

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JA Taggart   14 Jun 2017  -   
The article on periodontics wrongly describes localised and generalised as the number of teeth. The classification is the number of sites affected according to Armitage 1999

Christian Brausen   5 Jun 2017  -   
Q8 has got the wrong headline and relates to the article "What's New in Dentine Bonding? Universal Adhesives" at page 328-340
This article is missing online!
Online it goes directly from "The Immune System:..." to "An Update on Currrent Resuscitation ...".
Please put the Article online. It is highly relevant for any GDP!

Sally Shimmin   14 May 2017  -   
CPD Q3 - isn't D correct, as it states in the article that you should drain down etc twice a day - therefore no need to do it 3 times a day?

EGBERT HENDRIKSE   9 May 2017  -   

Colin McGrath   5 May 2017
I second pradips issue with
P322 Immunology: The Immune System: Basis of so much Health and Disease: 3.... The question is asking about universal bonding resins and not the immune system.

Pradip Patel   3 May 2017  -   
There is an issue with question 8, the article does not match the question. Thanks.