• Outstanding Seal
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Promotes per-apical healing
  • Easy obturations and follow-up

BioRoot™ RCS. Succeed.

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Issue Feedback: Volume 43 Number 8 - October 2016

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D Pattinson   5 Dec 2016  -   

Fred Reeves   12 Nov 2016  -   
I have gained a great deal of knowledge and useful tips and ideas from DU over 40+ years of subscription. However I have one niggle, namely concerning the CPD questions. I am aware that once we score the questions we can't change our answers, but it would be a great time saver if there was a " score all " option at the end.

Rodelix SanJuan Dacanay   23 Oct 2016  -   
Very good