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Issue Feedback: Volume 43 Number 2 - March 2016

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Gillian Greenwood   10 May 2016  -   
as always an excellent read thank you . a number of papers in this issue are particularly pertinent to my StR s in special care dentistry . however there is one table that i feel needs clarification . it is regarding the paper ' A pathological fracture due to osteomyelitis following a full dental clearance '
ie Table 1 . Differential diagnosis of osteomyelitis . The table states that osteoradionecrosis is due to a history of radiotherapy or bisphosphonate use . My understanding is that osteoradionecrosis is following exposure to radiation , however bisphosphonates cause a chemical osteonecrosis ( BRONJ , now called MRONJ to include the variety of medications that are implicated in drug related osteonecrosis ) and is not an osteoradionecrosis

Lester Benson   19 Apr 2016  -