Issue Feedback: Volume 41 Number 8 - October 2014

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Paul Isaacs   15 Nov 2014  -   
Caught out, as locked out of claiming CPD before, rather than on, 15th. CPD window is too short and the next issue never arrives until "window" has been open a few days. Difficult to see why a couple of issues can't be open together - other publications manage this. As far as content goes, both in subjects, style and depth, I'm not sure if Update has a clear audience in mind.

V Rogowski   15 Nov 2014  -   
2 minutes to deadline and you close the option of cpd - nice and fair!
It's not like I have the next journal answers DO I?

Try getting your e- cig research accurate also

I may have to review my sub

Melissa Gray   10 Nov 2014  -   
The CPD questions seem to be becoming progressively less challenging. In some instances they could be answered without reading the article or having any dental knowledge. My ideal questions would be those that I could revisit a week or so after reading the articles to check my retained understanding of the salient points rather than questions that require the recall of a superfluous statistic or true/false statements that include the words 'always' or 'never'.

Mark Ward   3 Nov 2014  -   
A drop in the usual standard, the paper on Calcium Silicate materials would have been more at home in a chemistry journal.
The self assessment questions have become laughable if the subject of CPD were not so important. At a time when the GDC is insisting registrants check the quality of their CPD we have multiple choice questions where the answer is obvious before reading the article. Too many answers use the terms 'no' and 'never'.

Roy Charles   30 Oct 2014  -   
The articles in this issue did not reach the usual standard I have come to expect from Dental Update.
The presentation of several of the articles made it difficult to pick out the important points and the relevance to clinical dentistry was peripheral in some cases.