Issue Feedback: Volume 41 Number 5 - June 2014

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G Purvis   26 Jul 2014  -   

Arnoud Roele   15 Jul 2014  -   
In table 5 of the haemostasis article should the last point not have read ''>3''? Also, one gives ID blocks cautiously at any time, and especially when patients with an INR <4 are seen in a routine dental setting.

Mary Gonzalez   15 Jul 2014  -   
I agree with Karen's comment - Dental Update articles are usually very interesting and informative, however the CPD questions are sometimes irrelevant.

Karen Mallinson   13 Jul 2014  -   
Too many questions with single correct answers. Aim questions at the most important learning point of the article eg. for warfarin this is not when it was developed but perhaps something to do with its pharmacology.

Francesca Warwick   3 Jul 2014  -