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Issue Feedback: Volume 40 Number 10 - December 2013

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Jonathan Preece   30 Jan 2014  -   
Article on Fluorosis could have been more informative as to the current guidelines - DoH guidelines 2009 seem at odds with toothpastes available. An age related summary would have been useful. Otherwise an excellent article

Bernadette Shipley   11 Jan 2014  -   
the implant question is poorly worded and makes no sense

Diarmuid Buckley   3 Jan 2014
The question regarding the implant overdenture article was incorrectly worded , it should have read (I thinkl ) , "the risk of peri-implantitis..."

S Armstrong   30 Dec 2013
A number of my colleagues and I who are currently subscribed to the electronic only Dental Update subscription are finding it difficult to remember when the next Dental Update issue is released/when closing dates are for CPD submission.

Would it be possible to e-mail electronic only subscription members when the new Dental Update Issue is released each month?

Many thanks,

-- Sarah Armstrong