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Issue Feedback: Volume 40 Number 4 - May 2013

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Robert Bate   15 Jun 2013  -   
Pure gold. This issue has been read and re-read and will be treasured. Every word is valuable.

Ian Mcinnes   14 Jun 2013  -   

John Aitken   14 Jun 2013  -   
This issue also marks for me forty years of reading Dental Update - not a moment wasted. Look forward to the fiftieth issue but think I am unlikely to still be reading it in another forty years!

Aminder Bahia   6 Jun 2013
Sorry, meant to write, 'could have commented on how patients...'

Aminder Bahia   6 Jun 2013
Haven't read all of the articles but Kidd's comment that the uda system was brought about by a socialist government ie New Labour is ridiculous, we haven't had a socialist government in place for a while!!

Also felt as though she could've have included comments on the relationship between tooth abrasion/ erosion and caries.
Maybe she could have understood that people access dentists in a completely different way, in most of poorer areas in this country people only have emergency access and the idea of family dentistry and gradually eroding (excuse the unintended pun)

Helen Hammond   21 May 2013  -   
Really interesting articles, however, would like a few more on core subjects/advised topics as these seem to increase.