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Issue Feedback: Volume 40 Number 2 - March 2013

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Nathalie N Muberuka   2 Apr 2013  -   
I have just seen that online Q8 isn't missing the word oral like in the paper issue.

Nathalie N Muberuka   2 Apr 2013  -   
Q8 reads in the UK,cancer accounts for the following percentage of all cancer cases
I will assume it meant to be oral cancer and answer the question with this assumption though the word oral is missing.

Helen Hammond   1 Apr 2013  -   
Question 1 on vertical root fractures asked for "classic" signs. Although the 4th statement "tenderness to biting" is a sign/symptom of root fracture, it was included in "other signs and symptoms" and was not therefore strictly under the heading "classic signs". With regard to answering the question correctly, there is therefore some ambiguity. Needless to say, although I knew it was a symptom, I left it out and thus forfeited a mark!

William Priestley   19 Mar 2013  -   
I enjoyed reading the article detailing the current application process that potential undergraduates have to face and was quite surprised to see how much this process has changed in a relatively short period of time (I like to think that I'm still quite young!). I feel an interesting and useful follow up article would be one that describes briefly the opportunities for further study that are open to current general dental practitioners. I am struck by the wide variety of postgraduate courses that are currently available and indeed the developing methods that are used to teach them. There are almost too many options available to make sense of without some help and feel Dental Update is the perfect avenue for this advice to be given.