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Issue Feedback: Volume 40 Number 1 - January/February 2013

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Elizabeth Bower   11 Mar 2013
The article on introduction to single implant abutments desperately needs diagrams!

Lisa Dunbar   5 Feb 2013
Apologies for putting in an incorrect answer on Q8 of this issues CPD. It was an error in inputting the CPD questions/answers on the website. It has now been rectified.
Thanks Lisa Dunbar (Webmaster)

Tom Kerr   4 Feb 2013  -   
I also disagree with answers b) and c) in Q8 on odontogenic myxomas having referred back to the article having submitted my answers which were marked incorrect.

MJ Reith   3 Feb 2013
Diasagree with Q8 re Odeontogenic Myxomas
Mean age of presentation is third and fourth decade and they
are more common in females

Louise Barlow   3 Feb 2013  -   
Also mean age of presentation is third or fourth decade

Louise Barlow   3 Feb 2013  -   
I disagree with the answers for the questions on the myxoma article, they are less common than ameleoblastomas and more common in females