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Issue Feedback: Volume 43 Number 4 - May 2016

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Rachel Wood   29 Jun 2016  -   

Anthony Jonathan Ramsden   3 Jun 2016  -   
Wording of questions not ideal especially for the first article.

Roy Charles   22 May 2016
Regarding the conclusion in the article on tooth decorations (Vol 43 No. 4), I found myself questioning the role of political correctness in modern dentistry.
If it is the role of the profession 'to encourage and facilitate a conservative and preventive management strategy, aimed at minimizing negative effects on the dentition' I find it difficult to see how a dentist can justify not advising patients to desist from tooth decoration. At worst this will result in unnecessary tooth preparation and ,at best, judging by some of the photographs in the article, may lead to increased difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene with all of the well recognised consequences this may lead to.
Of course, patients should have the choice to make their own decisions, but surely that does not mean that the dentist has to comply with the patient's request, if the dentist feels that it is not in the patient's best interest.