Article: Volume 48 Number 6 Page 451 - June 2021

  Dent Update 2021; 48: 451-456  Read article

Orthodontics:  DIY orthodontics’ – ‘don't do it yourself’!

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Abstract: Do-it-yourself (DIY) orthodontics is becoming more popular as the demand for straight teeth increases, particularly with the ever-growing pressures of social media. In this article, the trends seen, the patients it attracts and what is being done, both nationally and internationally, to warn patients about the adverse effects this new phenomenon can have on dental health are discussed.

Clinical relevance: This article outlines the risks, trends, patient motivators and attempts to raise awareness associated with DIY orthodontics.

Author notes: Georgia C Townend, MChD/BChD Dental Surgery and BSc Oral Science, OMFS LAS/SHO, Hull University and East Yorkshire Teaching Hospitals. Sangeeta Misra, FDS Orthodontics, MOrth (RCS Eng), MPhil (Orthodontics, Manchester University), MFDS (RCS Eng), MClin Dent Sci (Paediatric, Leeds University). Consultant Orthodontist, Charles Clifford Dental School, Sheffield and Castle Hill Hospital, Hull. email:

Objective: To draw attention to the increasing use of DIY orthodontics with a view to advising patients.