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Understanding your NHS Pension and Benefits
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The latest breakthrough in 3M technology - 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus adhesive and 3M™ RelyX™ Universal resin cement
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The Power, Art, Synergy and Simplicity of Digital Dentistry
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A team approach to periodontal management – together we achieve more!
Helen Minnery
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Article: Volume 48 Number 2 Page 145 - February 2021

  Dent Update 2021; 48: 145-147  Read article

Aesthetic Dentistry:  Aesthetic Smile Makeover using Direct Composite Restorations: A Case Report of Interdental Spacing and Altered Passive Eruption

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Abstract: Interdental space between anterior teeth is an aesthetic and a phonetic problem. While various treatment options are available, patients often have concerns regarding treatment invasiveness, duration of treatments, costs and long-term prognosis. This case report describes a step-by-step smile makeover with direct composite restorations in maxillary incisors and canines with interdental spaces, tooth size discrepancy and altered passive eruption.

Clinical relevance: Minimally invasive dentistry is an integral component of contemporary clinical practice With recent advances in innovative materials and improved clinical technique, attaining aesthetic results with a minimally invasive approach is highly achievable.

Author notes: Tal Ziv, BMedSc, DMD, Aesthetic and digital dentistry, Tel Aviv, Israel. email: dr@zivtal.com

Objective: To understand that attaining aesthetic results with a minimally invasive approach is highly achievable.