Article: Volume 46 Number 8 Page 760 - September 2019

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Prosthodontics:  Complete Dentures − Assessment of the Loose Denture

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Abstract: Patients with complete dentures will often present to a clinician complaining that their dentures are loose. A careful history, clinical examination and denture examination is needed so that the cause of their loose dentures can be determined. Only once a suitable diagnosis has been reached can an appropriate treatment plan be developed. This paper aims to guide readers through this history and examination process to help them formulate a suitable diagnosis before embarking on any potential treatment options.

Clinical relevance: The paper provides a guide as to how to assess an edentulous patient presenting with loose complete dentures.

Author notes: Arek Dziedzic, DDS, MFDS(Glas), CPDS(Brist), PhD, Postgraduate Student (email: and James Puryer, BDS DPDS MFDS RCS(Eng) MDFTEd MSc FHEA, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow, University of Bristol Dental Hospital, Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol BS1 2LY, UK.

Objective: To understand how to assess a patient complaining of loose complete dentures to formulate an appropriate diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan. Enhanced CPD DO C


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