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Article: Volume 43 Number 5 Page 496 - June 2016

  Dent Update 2016; 43: 496-497  Read article

Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – Chairside Assessment of Implant-Retained Overdenture Retention

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Abstract: Edentulous patients are demanding higher levels of comfort and functionality, and are looking to implant-retained overdentures to provide stability. However, all components experience wear through use and it can sometimes be difficult to identify whether the wear has occurred to the attachment or the retainer. Accurately diagnosing the cause of the loss of retention is important from a patient satisfaction and financial viewpoint. This simple diagnostic method for assessment of the wear of an implant-retained overdenture using an analogue of a ball abutment will reduce perceived levels of complexity of routine maintenance treatments.

Author notes: Lyndsey Webb, BDS(Hons), MJDF RCS(Eng), Specialty Registrar in Restorative Dentistry, Leeds Dental Institute and J Mark Thomason, BDS, PhD, FDS RCS(Ed), Professor of Prosthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation, Associate Dean for Clinical Development Faculty of Medicine, Newcastle University Dental Hospital, Richardson Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4AZ, UK.