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P897  Editorial:  It was not a good year by T Burke


P900  Guest Editorial:  Moving on from AAA: the 3Ps and 3Rs protocol for remote management of dental patients by S Darwish, K El-Boghdadly, M Abdelmajeed, W Belhaj, T Shembesh  CPD

P907  Restorative dentistry:  Restoration of severe localized tooth wear with zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate: a case report by A Srinivas, G Brock  CPD

P912  Oral surgery:  Management of patients on oral anticoagulants in dental practice by S Nathwani     CPD

P924  Dental Emergencies:  Challenges in Remote versus Clinical Pain Diagnoses for an Orthodontic Patient during the 2020 COVID-19 Crisis by S Pai, PJ Turner, D Green

P928  Restorative dentistry:  Dentinogenesis Imperfecta: Development of Treatment Strategies over 40 Years by C Forbes-Haley, S Nandra, S Bhola, A Najran     CPD

P935  Oral surgery:  Foreign Body Surgery in the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Canal Following Endodontic Treatment by KK Blackhall, Y Khoo, IP Downie  CPD

P940  Paediatric dentistry:  Restoration of the fractured permanent incisor in young patients by F Noble, H Jessica Rogers, C Deery  CPD

P946  Paediatric dentistry:  Resorption of maxillary first permanent molars by impacted maxillary second premolars: a case series by I Heliotis, M Gakhal, R Whatling

P951  Orthodontics:  Update on tooth notation, guidelines for extraction and a new technique for extractions: intra-oral dental marking by K Patel, HG Jeremiah, A Barber  CPD

P956  Oral surgery:  The true cost of dental implant tourism: a case report by J Greval, L Motaleb, S Bhatia  CPD

P960  Paediatric dentistry:  Paediatric dental treatment under inhalation sedation by a therapist in secondary care: an audit by E Palmer, S-J Campbell, L Foo  CPD

P964  COVID-19:  SARS CoV-2, and disinfectants and antiseptics in dentistry by L Samaranayake, J Wen Wei Chang

P969  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by V Ketheeswaranathan

P972  Technique Tips:  The Battle of the Lower Molar Extraction Forceps: Cowhorn versus Eagle Beak by S Singh Rehal, P Shoker

P5  Editorial:  True by T Burke   


P8  Guest Editorial:  Cariology: Why is the 2018 Soft Drinks Levy Important to Dentistry? by AMG Parr   

P13  Restorative dentistry:  The biomimetic restorative approach by DN Shah  CPD

P22  Radiography:  Dental intra-oral radiography: the tricky bits exposed by H Anderson  CPD

P30  Oral medicine:  Diagnostic dilemma of periapical cemento-osseous dysplasia presenting as a multilocular mandibular radiolucency by F Khan, B Castling     CPD

P34  Restorative dentistry:  A practice-based evaluation of a novel resin luting material and dentine bonding agent by P Sands, RJ Crisp, O Thompson, FJT Burke  CPD

P42  Paediatric dentistry:  Management of anterior crossbite due to splinting for dental trauma: a case report with 4-year follow-up by C Corral Nuñez, A Veliz Ramirez, S Schade, C Navarrete, H von Mühlenbrock  CPD

P48  Paediatric dentistry:  The impact of meningococcal septicaemia on the developing dentition by S Kassam, C Forbes-Haley  CPD

P54  Paediatric dentistry:  Dental management of a patient with a left temporal brain abscess: a case report by A Hasan, M Tisdall, K Harley

P58  Endodontology:  Significance of the coronal pulp chamber floor anatomy in the human dentition: a narrative review by AM Pawar, Shishir Singh  CPD

P62  Restorative dentistry:  Individually formed glass fibre reinforced composite posts for compromised teeth with oval and flared endodontic canals by A AL-Oulabi, Y Hin Beh, Z Ariffin, Y Johari  CPD

P69  Orthodontics:  An orthodontic spring coil and soft tissue complication by BK Nandra, BS Thind  CPD

P72  Prosthodontics:  Palatal lift appliance in a case of palatal incompetence secondary to motor neurone disease by A Daly  CPD

P76  COVID-19:  COVID-19 vaccines and dentistry by L Samaranayake, K Sadia Fakhruddin

P89  Editorial:  The 4 Es in dentistry? by T Burke


P91  Guest Editorial:  Birth of the College of General Dentistry by N Wilson CBE

P93  Restorative dentistry:  Cervical Margin Relocation and Indirect Restorations: Case Report and Literature Review by A Butt  CPD

P99  Oral surgery:  Fracture of the Maxillary Tuberosity: Troubleshooting in General Dental Practice and a Proposed Fracture Classification by F Wright, C Ritchie, NJ Malden, E Besi  CPD

P106  Sedation:  Too Old to Sedate: How Old is too Old? by N Bradley

P115  Oral surgery:  Beware of Chicken Bones: An Uncommon Presentation of a Foreign Body in the Palate by D Martin, C Naraynsingh  CPD

P119  Special Care Dentistry:  Oral Healthcare in the Older Population: An Increasing Challenge to the UK Dental Profession by H Barrow, M Ashley  CPD

P127  Paediatric dentistry:  Is there a Role for Casein Phosphopeptide–Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (CPP-ACP) in Paediatric Dentistry? by C Warner, HJ Rogers  CPD

P135  Paediatric dentistry:  Non-syndromic Oligodontia in Siblings: A Spectrum of Experience by C Heggie, L Gartshore  CPD

P141  Oral medicine:  Traumatic Ulcers with a Hidden Cause: A Case Report by P Chana, D Ion  CPD

P145  Aesthetic Dentistry:  Aesthetic Smile Makeover using Direct Composite Restorations: A Case Report of Interdental Spacing and Altered Passive Eruption by T Ziv

P148  Dental Analysis:  Comparative Dental Analysis: Should Dentists Release Dental Records? by C Sallis, S Mânica  CPD

P152  COVID-19:  Redeployment of Dental Teams during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review of Experiences and Lessons Learned by C Platais, F Siodlak, I Toor, L Ormondroyd  CPD

P156  COVID-19:  Understanding COVID-19 Vaccines and Immunity by L Samaranayake, S Anil  CPD

P162  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by B Dunphy

P164  Technique Tips:  The Check Record by NJ Patel, AD Walmsley