23rd August 2022 @7pm
Question Time: The latest NHS dental contract update
Nigel Jones & Eddie Crouch
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25th August 2022 @7pm
The 3M™ Filtek™ Family: An award-winning restorative composite portfolio
Dr John Rafelt
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1st September 2022 @7pm
Deep-Dive into Digital Orthodontics
Dr Steffen Decker & Sarah MacDonald
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P621  Editorial:  Is prevention more important now than ever? & Unhelpful advice by T Burke


P623  Dentistry In The Year 2000:  Restorative Dentistry: 2. Prospects for the Future by RJ Elderton  CPD

P629  Guest Editorial:  Fake News and Oral Healthcare by M Antonio Dias da Silva, A Damien Walmsley

P633  Restorative dentistry:  Splendid Isolation: a Practical Guide to the Use of Rubber Dam Part 2 by L Mackenzie, M Waplington, S Bonsor  CPD

P644  COVID-19 and Facial Protection:  COVID-19: Unmasking the Facial Protection Paradigms by L Samaranayake, D Tik Shun Li  CPD

P652  Paediatric dentistry:  Children’s Dentistry in Secondary Care during COVID-19 by KB Patel, F Fong, R Kaur, J Davies, R Whatling  CPD

P662  Caries Management:  COVID-19 – Time to Use Silver Diamine Fluoride for Caries Arrest in General Dental Practice? by L Timms, C Deery, C Stevens, H Rodd  CPD

P670  Restorative dentistry:  The Restoration of Structurally Compromised Endodontically Treated Teeth: Principles and Indications of Post and Core Restorations by R Ahmed, R Dubal  CPD

P679  COVID-19:  Supporting Urgent Dental Care as the New Normal by A Truman, C Forbes-Haley, C Bell, M Jerreat

P682  COVID-19:  Chemosensory Dysfunction in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) by L Samaranayake, K Sadia Fakhruddin, N Bandara  CPD

P687  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by S Thakkar et al

P690  'I Learnt About Dentistry From That':  Treating the patient and not just the disease by N/A

P692  Technique Tips:  Customized Cushion Technique for Rubber Dam Isolation by M Kothari, N Shah, A Arora

P701  Editorial:  Begonias by T Burke


P703  Guest Editorial:  Dentistry and COVID-19 – Time to Rethink our Prescribing Patterns? by RL Caplin

P706  Restorative dentistry:  Dens Evaginatus – ‘Addition Beats Subtraction’ by K Ayub, S Khan, M Kelleher  CPD

P714  Oral surgery:  Coronectomy: not just for Wisdom Teeth by B Owen, G Oliver, L Macey-Dare, G Knepil     CPD

P719  Restorative dentistry:  A Combined Digital-Conventional Workflow to Fabricate a Removeable Partial Denture for a Patient with a Severe Gag Reflex by RB O'Leary, AL Gunderman  CPD

P729  General Dentistry:  Supernumerary Teeth: an Overview for the General Dental Practitioner by MJ Meade     CPD

P739  Oral surgery:  Rhinosinusitis Update by C Hopkins

P747  Endodontics:  Controversies in Endodontic Access Cavity Design: a Literature Review by M Maqbool, T Yusuf Noorani, J Ahmed Asif, SD Makandar, N Bin Jamayet  CPD

P755  Radiology:  Update on Ionizing Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR 2017) and Ionizing Radiation Medical Exposure Regulations 2018 (IRMER 2018) − Relevance to the Dental Team by KK Grewal, N Heath  CPD

P761  COVID-19:  Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Diagnostics: a Primer by L Samaranayake, N Kinariwala, RAPM Perera

P767  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by M Dave, A Mahmud, M Daldry, M Kumar

P769  COVID-19:  Breaking News: COVID-19 and Dentistry by L Samaranayake

P770  'I Learnt About Dentistry From That':  'I learnt about Dentistry from that' by N/A

P771  Technique Tips:  The Role of Fibre-reinforced Composite Posts in Children by A Singh Dhadwal, SJ McKaig, A Casaus

P781  Editorial:  A Special issue on Oral Health by T Burke


P784  Guest Editorial:  Oral health: 2030 vision by N Carter OBE, B Atkins

P786  Guest Editorial:  Mouth cancer – what is it to me and you? by M Lewis   

P790  Guest Editorial:  Early Detection of Oral Cancer in General Practice & 30 Years of Searching by A Thomas

P793  Oral medicine:  Mouth Cancer & Risk Factors and Potentially Malignant Disorders by M Lewis  CPD

P802  Dental Photography:  Dental photography: a practical guide by L Mackenzie, M Sharland  CPD

P813  Restorative dentistry:  The prevention of tooth wear by SB Mehta, S Banerji  CPD

P823  Restorative dentistry:  The assessment and minimally invasive management of existing restorations by IR Blum  CPD

P831  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  Mouth cancer: the maxillofacial surgeon’s perspective by AMC Goodson, S Parmar, P Praveen, M Idle, T Martin  CPD

P841  Caries Management:  Minimally invasive selective caries removal put into practice by B Dawett, S Young, C Deery, A Banerjee  CPD

P849  Paediatric dentistry:  A practical guide to caries prevention in children by M Rashid, A Ellis, C Deery

P855  Periodontics/Prevention:  Measuring Oral Health: From Simple Scoring to a Combined Risk-assessment Approach by FJT Burke, L Chapple, M Busby  CPD

P867  Periodontics/Prevention:  Mouth care for head and neck cancer patients – a dental hygienist’s perspective by J Harding     CPD

P871  Periodontics/Prevention:  The prevention of periodontitis by R Wadia  CPD

P878  COVID-19:  Dental practice during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic: two pathfinder documents point the way by L Samaranayake

P884  Technique Tips:  Mobile dental photography (MDP) by L Mackenzie, M Sharland

P887  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by DYS Mohamed, DRMSHB Medawela, DNSS Jayasuriya, P Hesketh, A Atherley, K Saber