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P405  Guest Editorial:  Whole Mouth Health by E Cotroneo


P406  Oral surgery:  The Prevention and Management of Distal Cervical Caries of the Mandibular Second Molar by LW McArdle     CPD

P412  Implant Dentistry:  A Guide to Implant Dentistry Part 1: Treatment Planning by D Chatzistavrianou, PHR Wilson, P Taylor  CPD

P428  Special Care Dentistry:  Providing Dental Care in Prisons by P Howard  CPD

P438  Restorative dentistry:  Managing ‘Last Tooth in the Arch Syndrome’ and Restoring Retruded Contact Position by K Ali, T Addison  CPD

P450  Prosthodontics:  Prosthetic Rehabilitation for a Patient with Systemic Sclerosis and Sjögren’s Syndrome: A Clinical Report and Review by F Oluwajana, L Ferguson, P Wragg     CPD

P462  Paediatric and General Dentistry:  Marked Extrinsic Staining following Microabrasion: a Case Report of a Boy with Dental Fluorosis by NN Lygidakis, K Harley  CPD

P466  Prosthodontics:  Complete Denture Series Part 1: Referrals for Complete Dentures – Identifying the Reasons by W Leyssen, S Jayachandran, AD Walmsley  CPD

P473  Oral Surgery/Orthodontics:  Surgical/Orthodontic Management of a Large Mandibular Odontogenic Keratocyst (OKC) by A Atwal, H Cottom, P Doyle, J Sandler  CPD

P480  Periodontics:  Juice Powder Concentrates: Nutritional Supplements in Periodontology by DS Raindi, I Chapple  CPD

P488  Orthodontics:  Clinical Audit: The Importance of Early Detection and Referral of Impacted Maxillary Canines by O Aiyegbusi, S Nandra  CPD

P496  Technique Tips:  Things are not Always What Patients Think! by P Sands

P505  Editorial:  A collective dental shame? by FJT Burke


P507  Introduction:  'I learnt about Dentistry from that' by FJT Burke

P508  Medicine in Dentistry:  Hypertension – An Update for the Dental (Sedation) Team by R Leader, T Thayer, B Maher, C Bell  CPD

P514  Implant Dentistry:  A Guide to Implant Dentistry Part 2: Surgical and Prosthodontic Considerations by D Chatzistavrianou, PHR Wilson, P Taylor  CPD

P524  Restorative dentistry:  Survival Rates of Resin Composite Restorations in Loadbearing Situations in Posterior Teeth by FJT Burke, L Mackenzie, ACC Shorthall  CPD

P537  Prosthodontics:  Complete Denture Series Part 2: Tips on How to Correct 10 Avoidable Errors by S Jayachandran, W Leyssen, AD Walmsley     CPD

P546  Paediatric dentistry:  Treatment Options for Deciduous Molar Hypomineralization: a Report of Three Cases by Y Quintero, M Restrepo, J Angélica Saldarriaga, A Saldarriaga, L Santo  CPD

P554  Radiology:  Non Dental Incidental Findings on Dental Panoramic Radiographs: Identification and Management by A Ahsan-Mohammed, RJ Clarkson, FA Carmichael  CPD

P561  Oral Surgery/Orthodontics:  Unusual Presentation of a Tooth Associated with an Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumour by NJ Patel, S Toms, F McDonald, J Johnson, L McArdle  CPD

P565  Oral surgery:  Facial Palsy: Aetiology, Diagnosis and Management by S McKernon, A Davies House, C Balmer  CPD

P573  Oral medicine:  Lichen Planus – The Role of the General Dental Practitioner by BES Dawoud, SH Mohamed, J Wareing  CPD

P580  Patient Satisfaction:  Patient Feedback Questionnaires – Why Bother? by M Kumar, GC Mattos Savage, JW Aukett, JE Gallagher  CPD

P592  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to The Editor by D Martin, J Henley, T Renton, J Sher, A Sholapurkar, K Kirkham-Ali

P595  Clinical Experiences Of Readers:  'I learnt about Dentistry from that' by Not Applicable

P596  Technique Tips:  Guided Surgical Crown Lengthening by G Calvert


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