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P917  Editorial:  The Risk Issue by T Burke

P918  Guest Editorial:  Near Misses by T Renton


P919  Aviation:  Lessons for Dentistry from the Flightdeck? by S Hawkins

P922  Implantology/MentalHealth:  The Importance of Recording Mental Health History – A Case Report by I James Mills, S Barker, T Renton     CPD

P937  Occupational Health:  Dental Burnout – Is Social Media a Help or Hindrance? by C Bain, L Jerome     CPD

P947  Patient Safety:  Patient Safety in Dentistry by T Renton, S Master, M Pemberton  CPD

P957  Oral surgery:  Risk Assessment of M3Ms and Decisions on Ordering a CBCT and Prescribing a Coronectomy by T Renton  CPD

P979  General Dental practice:  Errors and Adverse Events in Dentistry – A Review by S Wright, G Crofts, C Ucer, D Speechley  CPD

P984  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  A Case of Poorly-Differentiated Squamous Cell Carcinoma following Dental Extractions by A Kalra, C Huppa  CPD

P986  General Dental practice:  Aspiration of Dental Impression Material – A Case Report by G Bateman, S Saha

P988  Oral surgery:  Migration of Bone Graft Material into the Maxillary Sinus: A Case Report by C Evangelou, G Peck, N Somaia, W Halfpenny  CPD

P993  Endodontics:  Surgical Endodontics to Manage a Separated Instrument: A Case Report by T Yusuf Noorani, N Rozainah Nik Abdul Ghani, J Ahmed Asif, I Abdul Rahim  CPD

P998  Restorative dentistry:  What’s Left in the Cleft? A Rare Complication Following Displacement of Dental Impression Material into a Palatal Cleft by S Datta, A Agarwal, A Alani, D Akintola  CPD

P1003  Medical Emergency:  ABCDE Assessment and the Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest by A Steele, M Greenwood, H Desai  CPD

P1010  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by F Mehrabi, T Renton, L Ann Elias

P1012  Technique Tips:  Planning for Failure by P Sands

P1021  Editorial:  UDAs remain a broken currency by FJT Burke


P1023  Restorative dentistry:  Dental Implants: What Have We Learnt from Long-term Follow-up? by L Webb, A Coleman, P Nixon  CPD

P1034  Conscious Sedation:  Complications of Conscious Sedation: Causes and Management by T Halai, A Naqvi, C Steel, S Koshal  CPD

P1042  Forensic Dentistry:  Forensic Odontology by J Robson  CPD

P1049  Restorative dentistry:  Management of Enamel Defects: A Case Report of Identical Twins with Enamel Defects of the Permanent Dentition by J Chesterman, K Durey  CPD

P1057  Paediatric dentistry:  Dry Mouth in Children: an Under-Reported Condition? by MM Ivanova, A Wallace, AM Hegarty, JC Harris  CPD

P1065  Oral surgery:  Tobacco Habit-Associated Oral Disease and the Negative Effects on Surgical Outcomes by S Al–Mahozi, Z Salim, NJ Malden, C Scully, V Lopes  CPD

P1071  Immunology:  The Immune System: Basis of so much Health and Disease: 8. Antigens and MHC by C Scully, EA Georgakopoulou, Y Hassona

P1076  Tooth Erosion:  Advice for Festive Drinkers by MA Hadis, WM Palin, DG Perryer, FJT Burke  CPD

P1083  Orthodontics:  Sectional Fixed Appliance Therapy in the Mixed Dentition by A Rao, K YM, S Tiwari, R Krishnan, S Sivadas, M Khare

P1090  Updates from America:  Practice Infection Control Co-ordinator by D Charles John Palenik

P1092  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by A Dziedzic, CA Yeung, E Stacey, K Lewis

P1096  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips A Complicated Crown Fracture: The Cvek Pulpotomy by O Barratt, CC Dixon, SM Barry

P5  Guest Editorial:  Social Media - What dentists need to be aware of by R Moore

P7  Thank you:  Thank you to our Reviewers by FJT Burke

P8  Guest Editorial:  ‘In your Face’ book dentistry by A Alani


P10  Restorative dentistry:  A Contemporary Approach to the Provision of Tooth-Supported Fixed Prostheses Part 1: Indications for Tooth Replacement and the Use of Fixed Bridges Retained by Crowns by R Ibbetson  CPD

P22  Patient Communication/Restorative Dentistry:  Patient and Dentist Burnout - A Two-Way Relationship by C Bain, L Jerome  CPD

P32  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  Botox: It’s Not Just About The Wrinkles by N Prado, L Rose, P Korczak  CPD

P38  Oral medicine:  Oral Mucosal Ulceration Induced by Alendronic Acid: A Case Series by D Finn, A Field, B Rajlawat, C Randall  CPD

P44  Dental Bleaching:  Dental Bleaching: An Update by R Malik  CPD

P51  Immunology:  The Immune System: Basis of so much Health and Disease: 9. Control of Inflammation and Immunity by C Scully, EA Georgakopoulou, Y Hassona

P57  General Dental practice:  Medical Histories for the Computerized Practice by R Lilleker  CPD

P64  Paediatric dentistry:  Hypophosphatasia: Diagnostic Clues for the Dental Practitioner by J Patel, RP Anthonappa, NM King  CPD

P71  Oral Cancer:  The Role of the General Dental Practitioner in the Detection of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Maxillary Antrum by A Chatzipantelis, S James Brown, A Campbell  CPD

P77  Updates from America:  Mycobacterium abscessus Infections in Two Groups of US Pediatric Dental Patients by C John Palenik

P80  Technique Tips:  The Use of a Novel Primary Impression Technique in a Patient with Microstomia by V Wilson, J Ellis