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P473  Guest Editorial:  Dental Faculty RCPSG: How a Royal College has evolved to address the needs of the dental professional by WMM Jenkins, G Richard Ogden, L Cranwell   


P476  Dental public health:  The UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy: Implications for Dental Health by C Jones, N Craig, N Anand  CPD

P486  Restorative dentistry:  Long-Term Complications of Dental Trauma by BC Burns, LE Crane, VE Hannah  CPD

P495  General Dental practice:  Alcohol and the Dental Team: Relevance, Risk, Role and Responsibility by S Shepherd, G Ogden  CPD

P502  Tooth Wear:  Tooth Wear: Screening, Diagnosis and Management in General Dental Practice by V Ka Cheong Yim  CPD

P518  Indemnity:  A Case for the Defence! by A Craig  CPD

P522  Forensic Dentistry:  Forensic Dentistry Now and in the Future by S Manica, A Forgie  CPD

P532  Patient Management/Preventive Dentistry:  ’Educating the Educated’: A Report of an Undergraduate Medical Student with Multiple Carious Lesions and Poor Dietary Habits by A Singh Dhadwal, A Baysan

P541  Paediatric Dentistry/Behavioural Management:  Low Level Light Therapy in the Management of Paediatric Oral and Oropharyngeal Mucositis by F McDowall, N O’Murchu, R Welbury  CPD

P549  Oral medicine:  Let’s Talk about Mouth Cancer − The Story and the Facts by N Mc Goldrick, O Ni Choileain, EC MacKessack-Leitch, S Sammut, V Lopes  CPD

P558  Orthodontics and Periodontics:  Orthodontic and Periodontal Multidisciplinary Care by G Pye, A Pye     CPD

P564  Oral medicine:  Desquamative Gingivitis – Aetiology, Diagnosis and Management by L Winning, A Willis, B Mullally, C Irwin  CPD

P571  Patient-Centred Care:  Whistleblowing in the NHS − Freedom to Speak Up: A Summary by A Berman, G Ogden

P576  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by N Bradley, D Simons, S Sulugodu Ramachandra, O Farouq

P579  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 32. Painless Genital and Oral Lesions by D Malamos, C Scully

P580  Technique Tips:  The Use of an Option Grid to Present the Treatment Modalities for Replacing Missing Teeth in Anterior Regions by N Al-Hadi

P590  Editorial:  What’s new from the IADR? by FJT Burke

P592  Guest Editorial:  Trends in Dental Complaints 2005-2015 - Did Patients Complain More During the Recession? by C O’Malley


P596  Implant Dentistry:  Dental Implants: An Overview by A Warreth, N Ibieyou, R Bernard O’Leary, M Cremonese, M Abdulrahim  CPD

P623  Periodontics:  Diagnosis and Management of Chronic and Aggressive Periodontitis Part 3: Two Clinical Reports by D Chatzistavrianou, F Blair  CPD

P631  Restorative dentistry:  Complications of an Ageing Dentition Part 3: Overview and Case Report by B Daniel Murchie

P636  Endodontics:  Strategies for Intracanal Separated Instrument Removal: A Review by Z Karimi, S Chala, M Sakout, F Abdallaoui     CPD

P648  Restorative dentistry:  The Bilaminar (Dual-Laminate) Protective Night Guard by NN Longridge, A Milosevic     CPD

P655  Immunology:  The Immune System: Basis of so much Health and Disease: 5. Complement by C Scully, EA Georgakopoulou, Y Hassona

P660  Special Care Dentistry/Mental Capacity/Consent:  Consent and Capacity - Considerations for the Dental Team Part 1: Consent and Assessment of Capacity by S Burke, A Kwasnicki, S Thompson, T Park, A Macpherson  CPD

P669  Oral surgery:  Surgical Emphysema Following Third Molar Extraction in a Patient with Gilles de la Tourette’s Syndrome by J Fuller, N Patel, J Collin  CPD

P672  Book Review:  Book Review by L Mackenzie

P674  Oral surgery:  Post-transplant Kaposi’s Sarcoma: An Unusual Presentation and Review of Clinical Presentation, Histology and Management by L Whitehouse, M Pring, R Przemioslo, KS Staines  CPD

P680  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips - Patient Information for Implant Maintenance by A Coleman, L Webb, P Nixon

P689  BDIA Dental Showcase:  Why Dental Update subscribers should attend the BDIA Dental Showcase by T Burke

P690  Editorial:  Minamata four years on by T Burke

P694  Guest Editorial:  Change Brings Opportunity by F Sandom


P692  Updates from America:  American Dentists Now Required to Use Amalgam Separators by C John Palenik

P695  Implantology:  What’s New from the IADR Part 2: Implantology Research by K Gurzawska

P697  Dental Anatomy/Restorative Dentistry:  Tooth Anatomy: A Practical Guide Part 1: Drawing Posterior Teeth by L Mackenzie  CPD

P713  Paediatric dentistry:  Immediate Management of Avulsion Injuries in Children by J Kirby, H Rogers, M Agel, F Gilchrist     CPD

P724  Oral Pathology:  A Flipped Classroom Approach to Teaching Oral Pathology using Virtual Microscopy - the Glasgow Experience by Z Makki, J Bagg  CPD

P731  Restorative Dentistry/Applied Dental Materials:  Contemporary Strategies and Materials to Protect the Dental Pulp by SJ Bonsor  CPD

P742  Prosthodontics:  That First All Important Meeting with your Patient! by S Jayachandran, AD Walmsley  CPD

P753  Immunology:  The Immune System: Basis of so much Health and Disease: 6. Cytokines by C Scully, EA Georgakopoulou, Y Hassona

P762  Special Care Dentistry/Mental Capacity/Consent:  Consent and Capacity – Considerations for the Dental Team Part 2: Adults Lacking Capacity by S Burke, A Kwasnicki, S Thompson, T Park, A Macpherson  CPD

P774  Communication in Dentistry:  The Importance of Communication in Dentistry by A Waylen  CPD

P781  Clinical Audit:  An Audit on the Professional Intervention of Smoking by J Moore

P787  Orthodontics:  A Case of Five Mandibular Incisors by M Natarajan, B Rao, AS Urala

P793  Case Study/Restorative Dentistry:  Two Resin-Bonded Bridges – 30 Years On by FJ Fisher

P796  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips - Constructing a Provisional Crown for a Broken Down Tooth by R Dubal