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P901  Editorial:  Was fee per item really that bad? by FJT Burke

P903  Guest Editorial:  The Hall Technique: A Paradigm Shift in our Care of Children with Caries by P Chris Deery

P905  Paediatric dentistry:  Materials for Paediatric Dentistry Part 1: Background to the Treatment of Carious Primary Teeth by N Jenkins

P911  Paediatric dentistry:  Materials for Paediatric Dentistry Part 2: The Evidence by N Jenkins     CPD

P922  Orthodontics:  The Ethics of Interproximal Reduction by JH Noar, LC Kneafsey   

P927  Paediatric dentistry:  Globodontia in the Otodental Syndrome: A Rare Defect of Tooth Morphology Occurring with Hearing Loss in an Eight-Year-Old by S Enright, AK Humphrys, G Rea, JA James  CPD

P933  Paediatric dentistry:  An Overview of Preformed Metal Crowns Part 1: Conventional Technique by HJ Rogers, HA Batley, C Deery  CPD

P939  Paediatric dentistry:  An Overview of Preformed Metal Crowns Part 2: The Hall Technique by AC Hyde, HJ Rogers, HA Batley, AG Morgan, C Deery     CPD

P945  Paediatric dentistry:  Amelogenesis Imperfecta with Coronal Resorption: Report of Three Cases by SK Bhatia, ML Hunter, PF Ashley  CPD

P951  Paediatric dentistry:  Management of Opacities in Children and Adolescents by A Wallace, C Deery  CPD

P960  Paediatric dentistry:  Conservative Management of Macrodontia in the Mixed Dentition Stage − A Case Report by AR Harker, S Walley, S Albadri  CPD

P965  Dental public health:  Oral Healthcare Implications of Mass Migration by J Murphy, P Crispian Scully

P972  Orthodontics:  Idiopathic Radiographic Apical Root Resorption in Wind Instrument Players by I Shafi, R Welbury

P977  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  Case Report: An Unusual Finding of a Solitary Bone Cyst in a Patient with a Fractured Mandible by M Chell, M Idle, J Green

P979  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by T Hind, R Hazara, C Scully, C Goodman

P981  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 16. Swelling in the Anterior Gingivae by P Crispian Scully, D Dimitrios Malamos

P983  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – Access Cavity Walkthrough: Lower Mandibular First Molar by P Patel

P5  Guest Editorial:  An amalgam-free world – are we and our patients ready? by P Briggs


P7  Thank you:  Thank you to our Reviewers by FJT Burke

P8  Restorative dentistry:  British Society of Prosthodontics Debate on the Implications of the Minamata Convention on Mercury to Dental Amalgam − Should our Patients be Worried? by R Austin, S Eliyas, FJT Burke, P Taylor, J Toner, P Briggs  CPD

P20  Endodontics:  Modern Endodontic Principles Part 4: Irrigation by J Darcey, S Jawad, C Taylor, R Vahid Roudsari, M Hunter  CPD

P34  Oral medicine:  Warfarin and Drug Interactions: Prescribing Vigilance by J Hook, L Millsopp, EA Field  CPD

P39  Oral surgery:  Pain Part 6: Temporomandibular Disorders by PL Yule, J Durham, RW Wassell  CPD

P50  Oral medicine:  Mouth Cancer for Clinicians Part 7: Cancer Diagnosis and Pre-treatment Preparation by N Kalavrezos, P Crispian Scully  CPD

P66  Periodontics:  Nutrition and Periodontal Disease by D Raindi  CPD

P74  Orthodontics:  Extra-oral Appliances in Orthodontic Treatment by M Almuzian, F Alharbi, G McIntyre  CPD

P83  Conscious Sedation:  Benzodiazepines: Sedation and Agitation by C Gallagher  CPD

P90  Oral medicine:  A Case of Undiagnosed Harlequin Syndrome Presenting in General Dental Practice by K Edwards, A Schaefer, K Staines, M Greenwood

P93  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 17. Facial Lesions and Mouth Ulceration by P Crispian Scully, D Dimitrios Malamos

P95  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – Composite Edge Bonding − the Reverse Triangle Technique by T Qureshi

P105  Guest Editorial:  Back to the present by FJT Burke


P106  Restorative dentistry:  A Guided, Conservative Approach for the Management of Localized Mandibular Anterior Tooth Wear by SB Mehta, S Francis, S Banerji  CPD

P114  Endodontics:  Modern Endodontic Principles Part 5: Obturation by J Darcey, R Vahid Roudsari, S Jawad, C Taylor, M Hunter     CPD

P130  Periodontics:  Gingival Inflammation and Aggressive Periodontitis in a Child with a Specific Antibody Deficiency by S Liyange, D Edgar, MD Shields, GJ Linden  CPD

P138  Oral surgery:  Pain Part 7: Trigeminal Neuralgia by S Jurge  CPD

P150  Restorative dentistry:  Indications for Cuspal Coverage by A MacInnes, AF Hall  CPD

P159  Prosthodontics:  Training Plates: A Solution for Patients Unable to Tolerate a Removable Prosthesis by DP Laverty, AD Walmsley  CPD

P168  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  A Pathological Fracture of the Mandible due to Osteomyelitis following a Full Dental Clearance by P Jauhar, N Hammersley, T Handley  CPD

P176  Oral medicine:  Mouth Cancer for Clinicians Part 8: Referral by N Kalavrezos, C Scully

P186  Pharmacology:  Antimuscarinics in Older People: Dry Mouth and Beyond by C Bostock, C McDonald

P192  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by C Peace, T Donnelly, MJ Trenouth, M Almuzian, F Alharbi, G McIntyre, D Barbara Coyne

P194  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 18. Oral Ulceration by C Scully, D Malamos

P196  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – The Windowed Partial Denture: An Elastomeric Retention Technique in Patients with Lone-Standing Teeth by A Alhilou, J Chesterman, P Nixon