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P685  Editorial:  Green Dentistry in 2018? by FJT Burke


P687  Restorative dentistry:  Tooth Wear Guidelines for the BSRD Part 3: Removable Management of Tooth Wear by K Hemmings, A Truman, S Shah, R Chauhan  CPD

P698  Restorative dentistry:  An Update on Discoloured Teeth and Bleaching Part 2: Mechanism of Action of Bleaching Agents and Management of Discoloured Teeth by R Dubal, RWJ Porter  CPD

P712  Restorative dentistry:  Gagging – Bringing Up an Old Problem Part 2: Management of the Condition by B Daniel Murchie  CPD

P720  Removable Prosthodontics:  Immediate Dentures Part 2: Denture Construction by U Jogezai, D Laverty, AD Walmsley     CPD

P728  Paediatric dentistry:  Hybrid Child-Friendly Biological Primary Molar Restorative Alternatives to General Anaesthesia by M Al Halabi, M Kowash, I Hussein  CPD

P742  Oral surgery:  Systemic Sclerosis: A Case Report and Considerations for General Dental Practitioners by F Wright, E Besi, NJ Malden  CPD

P750  Miscellaneous:  Diabetes Mellitus: An Update for the General Dental Practitioner by F Domah, J Domah, N Shah, R Shah  CPD

P760  Orthodontics /Paediatric Dentistry:  The Orthodontic/Paediatric Interface Part 1 by S Carr, S Barry, OH Malik  CPD

P773  Oral surgery:  The Surgical Removal of an Impacted Canine: Diagnosis, Investigations and Technique by Z Rahman, H Azam, B Ahmed

P779  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by P Ario Santini, A Dahill

P781  Updates from America:  Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing by US General Dentists by C John Palenik

P783  Technique Tips:  The Modified Manchester Bite Block by K Butt, W Leysse, D Attrill   

P901  Editorial:  Marginal gains in dentistry? by FJT Burke

P973  Safeguarding:  Child Safeguarding in Dental Practice; What you need to know by D Auld     CPD

P977  Oral Surgery/Radiology:  Are Changes in Specific Landmark Anatomy on a Panoramic Image Suggestive of Maxillary Sinus Disease? by T Kerai, K Ganesan


P902  Restorative dentistry:  The Dangers of Social Media and Young Dental Patients’ Body Image by S Rana, M Kelleher  CPD

P912  Restorative dentistry:  Occlusal Splints for Bruxing and TMD – A Balanced Approach? by R Jagger, E King  CPD

P920  Periodontology:  Risk Assessment in Periodontal Disease by L Chapple, I Chapple  CPD

P928  Orthodontics and Periodontics:  The Orthodontic/Periodontal Interface Part 3 by S Griffiths, S El-Kilani, D Waring, J Darcey, OH Malik  CPD

P935  Oral surgery:  Prevention and Optimal Management of Peri-Surgical Pain in Dentistry by T Renton  CPD

P947  Orthodontics:  How Orthodontic Therapists have Changed the Provision of Orthodontic Treatment by S Ainscough, D Roberts-Harry, A Shelton, S Littlewood, T Hodge     CPD

P952  Oral medicine:  Oral Manifestations of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism: A Case Report and Literature Review by J Cheng  CPD

P961  Paediatric dentistry:  Developmental Defects of Enamel in Primary Molars: A Review by S Marshall, T Kandiah  CPD

P985  O&M Surgery/Restorative Dentistry:  Odontogenic Myxoma of the Maxilla: Diagnostic Considerations, Surgical Resection and Prosthetic Rehabilitation by YEK Gamie, Z Gamie, D Seymour, PH Whitfield  CPD

P991  Technique Tips:  Prosthodontics: The Admix Impression by K Butt, K Dewan