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P181  Editorial:  An urgent message for the four UK Chief Dental Officers by FJT Burke


P182  Restorative dentistry:  The Options for a Tooth that Requires Root Canal Treatment by S Eliyas, P Briggs, JE Gallagher     CPD

P197  Oral Health:  The Dentist’s Role in Smoking Cessation Management - A Literature Review and Recommendations: Part 1 by RM Keat  CPD

P207  Restorative dentistry:  Post-operative Sensitivity and Posterior Composite Resin Restorations: A Review by J Sabbagh, J Claude Fahd, RJ McConnell  CPD

P215  Orthodontics:  An Alternative Approach to Replacement of an Avulsed Central Incisor by AA Lakhani, AMC Flett  CPD

P227  Paediatric Dentistry /Oral Medicine:  Lichen Planus in Children by M Agel, M Al-Chihabi, H Zaitoun, MH Thornhill, AM Hegarty  CPD

P236  Patient Management:  Understanding Our Patient Base: An Introduction to Data Analytics in Dental Practice by R Pritchett, S Coleman, J Campbell, S Pabary  CPD

P247  Implant Dentistry:  Soft Tissue Profile around Dental Implants Placed in the Aesthetic Zone - A Biological Update by S Gupta, A Ichalangod Narayan, A Vijay, D Balakrishnan     CPD

P256  Periodontics:  The Impact of Medication on the Periodontium: A Review of the Literature by S Khalid, D Chatzistavrianou, F Blair  CPD

P266  Updates from America:  Charles John Palenik, GC Infection Prevention and Control Consultants and Infection Control Writing Support, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. by C John Palenik

P271  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips: Patient Information Leaflet Information for Patients for whom Deep Caries has been Sealed into a Vital Asymptomatic Tooth by FJT Burke

P281  Editorial:  Inappropriate behaviour by T Burke

P283  Enhanced CPD:  Guidance for Enhanced CPD (for readers of Dental Update) by T Montgomery

P366  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by K McDermott, V Yeung, D Saurab Bither, D Vineet Sharma


P284  Restorative dentistry:  Gingival Retraction Techniques: A Review by S Adnan, M Atif S Agwan  CPD

P298  Oral Health:  The Dentist’s Role in Smoking Cessation Management - A Literature Review and Recommendations: Part 2 by RM Keat, J-C Fricain, S Catros, L Monteiro, L Martins da Silva, M Diniz Freitas, A Brandariz     CPD

P311  Dental Anxiety:  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and the Adolescent Patient by Z Marshman, J Kirby, H Rodd  CPD

P320  Restorative dentistry:  Complications in Managing Tooth Wear; Exploring a Potential Pitfall of Using the Dahl Approach – A Case Study by J Coulter, G McCracken  CPD

P329  Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology:  Cone Beam Computed Tomography: An Update for General Dental Practitioners by F Smith-Jack, R Davies  CPD

P340  Oral medicine:  Stafne’s Bone Cavity - Unusual Presentation in the Anterior Mandible by I Davies, H Boyes, J Wykes, G Smith

P342  Orthodontics:  The Iatrogenic Anterior Open Bite; a Potential Side-Effect of Thermoplastic Orthodontic Retainers by N Hemmings, NG Taylor  CPD

P347  Oral surgery:  Multiple Myeloma as a Mandibular Radiolucency - A Difficult Diagnostic Challenge by DC Laraway, RGM Williams, AP Donnelly

P351  PatientHealth/Orthodontics:  Foreign Bodies in the Nasal Cavity: Incidental Findings during Routine Orthodontic Radiographs by Y Lam, A Murray  CPD

P357  Oral Surgery/General Dentistry:  Dental Infection as a Cause of Bacteraemia in Infective Endocarditis by M Baldin, B Srinivasan, S Sharma     CPD

P360  Oral medicine:  A Case of Extensive Oral Kaposi’s Sarcoma in a Patient with Undiagnosed HIV Infection by C Causey, N Singh, R Parkin

P364  Updates from America:  Recommended Vaccines for Healthcare Workers by C John Palenik

P370  Technique Tips:  Posterior Temporary Crowns: A Freehand Technique by R Lilleker

P381  Editorial:  Perhaps the thumb technique wasn’t so bad! by T Burke


P383  Special Care Dentistry/Oral Surgery:  Oral and Dental Management for People with Multiple Myeloma: Clinical Guidance for Dental Care Providers by H Abed, M Burke, N Nizarali  CPD

P400  Restorative dentistry:  Essentials of Light Curing by RB Price, AC Shortall  CPD

P408  Dental Sleep Medicine:  The Role of Dentists in Management of Snoring with Oral Appliances by A Johal, A Desai  CPD

P415  Restorative dentistry:  The Ultimate Aesthetic Challenge in Dentistry: A Single Crown on a Maxillary Central Incisor by J Manhart  CPD

P427  Orthodontics /Paediatric Dentistry:  A Guide to the Orthodontic Extrusion of Traumatized Permanent Incisors in the Mixed Dentition by O Carty, J Hennessy, EA Al-Awadhi  CPD

P434  Oral surgery:  Mandibular Radiolucencies - How to Refer and Manage Appropriately by M Jagatiya, N Nasser  CPD

P439  Restorative dentistry:  Child Cancers: Managing the Complications of Childhood Chemotherapy in the Adult Dentition by N Rizvi, MGD Kelleher, M Majithia  CPD

P449  Primary Care Dental Practice:  Skill Mix - the Challenges for Practice by P Cannell  CPD

P457  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery/ Radiology/ Oral Medicine:  Necrotizing Sialometaplasia - A Diagnostic Conundrum by A Shabir, J Cymerman, A Jay, S Jawad, S Morley, C Liew  CPD

P462  Behavioural science:  Success with Motivational Interviewing Techniques in the Dental Clinic: a Case for the Use of iMI-GPS by K Asimakopoulou, T Newton  CPD

P468  Updates from America:  Bacterial Endocarditis Linked to an Oral Surgery Practice by C John Palenik

P471  Technique Tips:  Managing Young Patients with Molar Incisor Hypomineralization by A Patel, R Chawla, S Dunkley

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