Tues 21st September 2021 @7pm

Understanding your NHS Pension and Benefits
Join Michael Copeland and Wilf Moralee
Sponsored by Wesleyan


Wed 22nd September 2021 @7pm

The latest breakthrough in 3M technology - 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus adhesive and 3M™ RelyX™ Universal resin cement
Dr John Rafelt
Sponsored by 3M


Thurs 30th September 2021 @7pm

The Power, Art, Synergy and Simplicity of Digital Dentistry
Dr Rob Chaffe and Steve Campbell
Sponsored by Align


Tues 5th October 2021 @7pm

A team approach to periodontal management – together we achieve more!
Helen Minnery
Sponsored by Waterpik


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P517  Editorial:  Dental Olympians 2021 by T Burke


P521  Guest Editorial:  The Future of Dentistry? by C Rutland

P524  Sustainability/Oral Health:  Sustainable oral healthcare and the environment: mitigation strategies by N Martin, L Smith, S Mulligan  CPD

P533  Sedation:  An alternative sedation option for special care patients: combined inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen and intravenous sedation with midazolam by S Fenesan, S Hughes, N Patel  CPD

P541  Restorative dentistry:  Minimally invasive management of erosive tooth surface loss using a combined direct and indirect approach: a case report by S Pirmomahed  CPD

P547  General Dental practice:  Cleft lip and palate in general dental practice: filling in the gaps by S Reddy, C Liu, M Vaidyanathan, N Bhujel  CPD

P556  Endodontics:  Get smart – technological innovations in endodontics part 2: case-difficulty assessment and future perspectives by P Kamalkant Shah, Q Zhang, B San Chong  CPD

P564  Oral surgery:  Monitoring enlarged dental follicles: case report and literature review of an unusual presentation of a unicystic ameloblastoma by L Long, J Matharu, S Sah  CPD

P571  Fixed Prothodontics:  Can implant-retained overdenture components cause damage to the opposing natural dentition? by N Razaghi, M Hughes, M Patel  CPD

P579  Orthodontics:  The twin-block appliance for correction of Class II division 1 malocclusion by E Salloum, DT Millett, GT McIntyre  CPD

P585  COVID-19:  COVID-19: oral manifestations by L Samaranayake, N Kinariwala  CPD

P592  Technique Tips:  Making an open-tray implant or abutment-level impression technique easier by J Ikram, N Essa

P601  Editorial:  Dental Materials by FJT Burke


P603  Guest Editorial:  The Importance of Dental Materials in Clinical Dentistry by SJ Bonsor

P607  Restorative dentistry:  Dental Amalgam: A Practical Guide by L Mackenzie  CPD

P620  Restorative dentistry:  Bonding to dentine: an update on universal adhesives by FJT Burke, L Mackenzie  CPD

P633  Restorative dentistry:  ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light, but was it enough? A review of modern dental light curing by SJ Bonsor, WM Palin  CPD

P643  Restorative dentistry:  Conventional glass-ionomer cements: a guide for practitioners by P Mylonas, J Zhang, A Banerjee  CPD

P653  Applied Dental Materials/Endodontics:  Hydraulic cements for various intra-coronal applications. Part 1 by SJ Bonsor, J Camilleri  CPD

P662  Applied Dental Materials/Endodontics:  Hydraulic cements for various applications in endodontics. Part 2 by SJ Bonsor, J Camilleri  CPD

P671  CAD/CAM:  CADCAM in dentistry. Materials and methods: an overview for the dental team by S Fieldhouse  CPD

P680  Restorative dentistry:  Ceramics in dentistry: which material is appropriate for the anterior or posterior dentition? Part 1: the materials science by L Chien Win, P Sands, SJ Bonsor, FJT Burke  CPD

P690  Restorative dentistry:  Ceramics in dentistry: which material is appropriate for the anterior or posterior dentition? Part 2: recent clinical research by L Chien Win, P Sands, SJ Bonsor, FJT Burke

P699  Prosthodontics:  An update on indirect prosthodontic materials and their manufacturing techniques by D Gray, O Barraclough, Z Ali, B Nattress  CPD

P707  Technique Tips:  Ten top tips to overcome common mistakes concerning the use of dental materials by SJ Bonsor