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Issue Feedback: Volume 42 Number 3 - April 2015

   13 ratings, 28 comments - Add your feedback.

David Milne   15 Jun 2015  -   
Unable to do online CPD despite being within date.

Catherine Siobhan Wright   14 Jun 2015
Tried to submit answers but it said closed!

M Rosten   14 Jun 2015
Another vote of no confidence.just logged on to submit answers to find I cannot do so.please reopen

Jill Allen   14 Jun 2015  -   
Very disappointed that the closing date was not as printed, and so I have been unable to submit my CPD. I hope that DU rectify this error.

Philippa Macmillan   14 Jun 2015  -   
Annoyed like others who wrote in in the fact that the printed deadline of 14th June 2015 was incorrect and so I + others missed out on 4 hours CPD...please address this by reopening it.

Sharon Jacob   14 Jun 2015
I was unable to submit my cpd answers!Not very impressed with this as the closing date was 14/6.

Matthew Thomas   14 Jun 2015  -   
Unable to submit CPD answers.
Why is the closing date advertised as the the 14th June in the journal if this is not the case? If I'd have known the closing date was earlier I would have submitted my answers earlier!
I have now lost out on 4 hours of verifiable CPD and by the looks of things, I am not the only one.
Please can this issue be rectified so we are able to submit our answers!

Ashik Syed   14 Jun 2015  -   
I too tried to submit answers but it was closed, despite the advertised deadline being 14th June. Not good! Please sort this out as submission of answers should be available up to midnight on the day.

Piotr Drozynski   14 Jun 2015  -   
Piotr Drozynski

I can only confirm the opinions of the other subscribers.
It was impossible to submit the answers which is disappointing.
Kind regards
Piotr Drozynski

Meena Aduma   14 Jun 2015
I tried to submit the answers but its already closed. The deadline mentioned is todays date. Please sort the issue so I can submit the answers.

Madhusudan Maliki Reddy   14 Jun 2015
Today 14th June is mentioned as deadline for submission of answers. I tried to submit answers and its closed already.
Please sort out these administrative errors.

Amanda Fincham   14 Jun 2015
As previously commented, the CPD closing date issue has still not been resolved.It should be midnight today. This needs to be sorted out promptly.
Also having 2 "live" CPD Issues out at once is confusing,
I think the previous 1 month time scale was easier to keep track of.

Lynsey Farrell   14 Jun 2015
As comments below I have also logged on to submit my CPD answers to find it has closed before the published deadline date. Very poor service.

TJ Mccomasky   14 Jun 2015
Two points. Firstly, the submission deadline date is incorrect as pointed out by other subscribers.
Secondly, Question 10 is attributed to the wrong article and page numbers.
Does anybody proofread these publications?

Antony McGarr   14 Jun 2015  -   
I have to agree that the advertised submission dates for CPD need to be respected. If it says the 14th June then you should be able to submit your CPD answers until 11.59 pm on the 14th June. Good content in te issue, but low score due to this glitch.

Liselle Murphy   14 Jun 2015
CPD deadline closed before actual deadline date.

J Kenworthy   14 Jun 2015
Why has the submission deadline date for April changed? I'm not very impressed. Is there a way to still submit answers and claim the cpd?

Romina Carabott   14 Jun 2015  -   
Why is deadline closed earlier than published date. Very disappointing! waste of time when time is so precious. I hope DU reopen this deadline to allow us to submit the answers for cpd and make up for their error!!

Nigel Orchard   13 Jun 2015
CPD has closed before the published deadline. Very poor

Rhian Workman   13 Jun 2015
Cannot submit CPD as with others saying below. This is poor.

C Hughes   13 Jun 2015
very poor DU. issue closed before deadline of 14/6/15. Just come on to submit answers and I can't. Please address this ASAP so I can submit for my CPD.

Rasa Zemulaityte   13 Jun 2015  -   
the same issue - CPD submission is closed before the deadline. this is not the first time when the submission date is closed earlier that it is stated! misleading and disappointing.

Helen Hammond   13 Jun 2015
Just logged in to submit CPD and found it closed even though it states 14/06/15 as closing date. Not satisfactory.

Lorne Whitmarsh   13 Jun 2015
Misleading deadline for submission.
This is unacceptable and DU must extend submission date to allow users to claim there verifiable CPD.

Ross Goulding   13 Jun 2015  -   
I would like to second A Ford's comment regarding the discrepancy in deadline submission for CPD- I've just logged in today (13th) to submit CPD answers and found the deadline closed! I am wondering if this new-era CPD from DU is going to include more of these 'tricks'?

A Ford   13 Jun 2015
Discrepancy in deadline for CPD submission, ? misprint on page 298 which states 14th June as the deadline. Logged on to submit answers on 13th June 8.15am but deadline already appears to have passed.

John Taylor   7 Jun 2015  -   

Parminder Bains   28 May 2015  -   
Very good as usual

William Priestley   28 Apr 2015  -   
Although the Francis Report does indeed have wide ranging implications to health care the relevance to primary care dentistry was not described in any real or relevant way. The clinical articles were interesting and indeed useful however I do not feel it is appropriate for a peer reviewed journal to publish an article subtitled "A Dental Practitioner's Personal Clinical Review." The letters to the editor also frustrated me; a letter written by an Editorial Board Member highlighting another journal he works on, a letter written by an SHO working in the hospital of a Board Member, a letter about a professor going for a ride in a Spitfire and lastly a letter advising practitioners that incorrect patient placement will result in poor quality of radiographs. Dubious decisions to publish these at best; extraordinarily nepotistic at worst.