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Article: Volume 38 Number 7 Page 477 - September 2011

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  Dent Update 2011; 38: 477-484

Endodontics:  ‘Simultaneous Technique’ and a Hybrid Microseal/PacMac Obturation

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Abstract: In these endodontic case reports we present a root canal preparation protocol using the Mtwo Ni-Ti rotary files according to the ‘simultaneous technique’ which is a ‘crown-down’ approach, where every instrument in the sequence is used to the full working length. A hybrid Microseal/PacMac obturation (consisting of three stages: master cone compaction, backfill with pre-plasticized guttapercha and vertical compaction) is proposed in order to: maintain the obturation length control associated with the Microseal system; use preheated gutta-percha to backfill the canal rapidly with the PacMac condensor; and to reduce potential voids in the obturation material with the final vertical compaction.

Clinical relevance: The ‘simultaneous technique’ followed by apical preparation using Mtwo apical files allows obturation using the proposed hybrid Microseal/Pacmac method, aiming to overcome some of the shortcomings of the Microseal and Pacmac obturation methods, such as length control difficulty and sealer pooling.

Author notes: Vito Antonio Malagnino, MDS DDS, Professor University of Chieti-Pescara, Chieti, Italy, Giampiero Rossi-Fedele, DDS MClinDent, University of Warwick, UK, Paola Passariello, DDS, Private Practice, Rome, Italy and Luigi Canullo, DDS, Private Practice, Rome, Italy.

Objective: To describe the ‘simultaneous technique’ and the hybrid obturation method by illustrating five clinical cases.