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Article: Volume 48 Number 8 Page 620 - September 2021

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  Dental Update 492: 620-631

Restorative dentistry:  Bonding to dentine: an update on universal adhesives

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Abstract: The ability to successfully bond restorations to dentine is central to minimally invasive restorative dentistry. While dentine bonding agents have gone through a variety of ‘generations’, it is the purpose of this article to describe the latest clinical and laboratory research on universal adhesives. Results from the latest laboratory and clinical research indicates that universal adhesives are a step forward in the quest for the ultimate bond to tooth substance and ease of use of the adhesive. The wide variety of studies that indicates the effectiveness of universal adhesives are discussed, along with research that indicates that selective enamel etching is a beneficial procedure when using these materials.

Clinical relevance: Universal adhesives appear to hold promise in the quest for a reliable bond to dentine.

Author notes: FJ Trevor Burke, DDS, MSc, MDS, MGDS, FDS (RCS Edin), FDS RCS (Eng), FFGDP (UK), FADM, Emeritus Professor, University of Birmingham School of Dentistry, UK. Louis Mackenzie, BDS, FDS RCPS, Head Dental Officer, Denplan UK, Winchester and Clinical Lecturer, University of Birmingham School of Dentistry, UK. email:

Objective: To describe and discuss recently introduced universal adhesives.