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Article: Volume 45 Number 2 Page 130 - February 2018

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  Dent Update 2018; 45: 130-134

Case report:  Ten Year Follow-up of a Trauma Case Treated in General Practice

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Abstract: Traumatic injuries to teeth are commonplace and can result in significant morbidity and aesthetic disfigurement. If the patient has not reached maturity at the time of the injury, efforts should be made to delay the provision of definitive indirect restorations until adulthood and the orofacial development is completed.

Clinical relevance: This paper describes a trauma injury and how definitive indirect treatment was delayed for almost ten years, by employing adhesive techniques and retaining the fractured crown of the patient by re-attachment.

Author notes: Peter Sands, MSc, BDS, LDS, MFGDP, GDP, St Helen’s Dental Practice, 7 East Street, Helen Street, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 5EG and Part-Time Lecturer, University of Birmingham, School of Dentistry, B5 7EG, UK.

Objective: To describe how a trauma injury was handled in a young patient whose definitive indirect treatment was delayed for almost ten years. Enhanced CPD DO C