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Article: Volume 44 Number 3 Page 254 - March 2017

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  Dent Update 2017; 44: 254-260

General Dental practice:  Inaccurate Dental Charting in an Audit of 1128 General Dental Practice Records

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Abstract: Fourteen dentists at different practices in the UK assessed the dental charts of 1128 patients who were new to the dentist but not new to the practice; 44% of the dental charts were found to be inaccurate. Inaccuracy of the individual practice-based charts ranged between 16% for the best performing practices to 83% for the worst: 5% of dental charts had too many teeth charted and 5% had too few teeth charted; 13% of charts had missed amalgam restorations and 18% had missed tooth-coloured restorations; 5% of charts had amalgam restorations recorded but with the surfaces incorrect (eg an MO restoration charted but a DO restoration actually present); 9% of charts had tooth-coloured restoration surfaces incorrectly recorded. For 7.5% of charts, amalgams were charted but not actually present. Other inaccuracies were also noted. The authors reinforce the requirements of the GDC, the advice of defence organizations, and the forensic importance of accurate dental charts.

Clinical relevance: Dental charting forms part of the patient’s dental records, and the GDC requires dentists to maintain complete and accurate dental records.

Author notes: Nathan L Brown, BDS, MFDS RCPS, PhD, MSc, DipFMS, DipFHID, GDP and Forensic Odontologist, Apple Dental Practice, 43A Abbotswood, Yate, Bristol, BS37 4NG, Victoria EL Jephcote, BDS, BSc, GDP, Cheddar Dental Practice, Holmleigh, The Barrows, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3BE, James N Morrison, BDS, GDP, Coly House Dental Surgery and Implant Centre, 39 Old Church Road, Clevedon, BS21 6NP and Jessye E Sutton, BDS, GDP, The Dental Surgery, 160−166 Milton Road, Weston Super Mare, Somerset, BS23 2YG, UK.

Objective: To evaluate the accuracy of dental charts with the aim of improving dental records.