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Article: Volume 48 Number 1 Page 34 - January 2021

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  Dental Update 485: 34-40

Restorative dentistry:  A practice-based evaluation of a novel resin luting material and dentine bonding agent

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Abstract: This study evaluated the handling of a recently introduced resin luting material and its associated universal bonding agent by a group of practice-based researchers. Eleven evaluators from the practice-based research group, the PREP Panel, were sent explanatory letters and a pack of the materials under investigation, with a request to use them, where indicated, for 10 weeks and then to complete a questionnaire designed to elicit the evaluators’ views on the handling of the materials. In total, 217 restorations were placed: the results from the questionnaire indicated strong acceptance of the ease of use of the materials. The novel cement delivery system was found to reduce waste, the cement was of ideal viscosity, and the design of the mixing tips and easier clean up were particularly noteworthy. The investigators also appreciated that the same cement can cover adhesive and self-adhesive indications. Some clinical cases of different indications were documented and selected illustrations are presented.

Clinical relevance: The luting system which was evaluated was found to be easy to use, with reduced waste of material.

Author notes: Peter Sands, MSc, BDS, LDS, MFGDP, General Dental Practitioner, Abingdon, England; Part-time Lecturer, School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham. Russell J Crisp, BDS, DGDP, PREP Panel Ltd. Beaconsfield. Owen Thompson, BDS, FDS, RCPS, MFGDP, MGDSRCPS, General Dental Practitioner, Coleraine, Northern Ireland. FJ Trevor Burke, DDS, MSc, MDS, MGDS, FDS (RCS Edin), FDS RCS (Eng), FFGDP (UK), FADM, School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham email:

Objective: To describe the handling and ease of use of a new resin luting system.