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Article: Volume 48 Number 1 Page 13 - January 2021

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  Dental Update 485: 13-20

Restorative dentistry:  The biomimetic restorative approach

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Abstract: Significant changes in prosthodontic considerations, with a movement away from traditional restorations and an emphasis on preservation of tooth structure, have led to the development of the concept of biomimetics in restorative dentistry. The idea of being able to design restorations, which are able to restore accurately the biomechanical, structural and aesthetic integrity of the biomechanically weakened tooth, has been embraced and adopted by clinicians globally. By combining key prosthodontic principles relating to occlusal design and the control of forces on teeth and restorations, together with minimally invasive adhesive dentistry, we are able to predictably restore the function and aesthetics of damaged dentitions without the need for aggressive tooth structure removal. Advances in dental materials science allowing minimal preparations and restorations that are strong and durable in thin section, as well as advances in adhesive dentistry have meant that the biomimetic restoration of teeth is no longer a novel concept, but something that we should all be applying as conservative and restorative dentists.

Clinical relevance: This paper describes the rationale and clinical protocols involved in the application of biomimetic restorative dentistry.

Author notes: Dr Deepa N Shah, BDS MFDS RCS MSc Private Practice, Pure Dental Centre, Barnstaple, Devon EX31 3UD Visiting Lecturer, UCL Eastman Dental Institute CPD, 123 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8LT. email:

Objective: The reader should gain an understanding of the clinical relevance of the biomimetic approach.