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FIPO – Functional Indirect posterior Onlays – Concept Part 1

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Dr Riaz Yar and Nik Sethi 


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Article: Volume 46 Number 5 Page 480 - May 2019

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  Dent Update 2019; 46: 480-487

Periodontics:  Juice Powder Concentrates: Nutritional Supplements in Periodontology

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Abstract: Periodontitis is a ubiquitous, chronic inflammatory condition of the tooth-supporting apparatus. Various risk factors/indicators are associated with periodontal diseases, including nutritional status. With oxidative stress driving periodontal inflammation there is credibility in considering additional benefits from phytonutritional supplements when used in conjunction with conventional therapy for periodontal disease. Contemporary research utilizing robust methodology, such as double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials, in conjunction with serum micronutrient levels to assess bioavailability of phytonutrients following nutritional supplementation, may begin to provide an evidence base for delivering nutritional advice as part of periodontal prevention/therapy.

Clinical relevance: Some mechanisms underpinning nutritional modulation of inflammatory periodontal disease, as well as the evidence behind the use of Juice Powder Concentrates (JPCs), are of relevance in periodontal therapy.

Author notes: Devan S Raindi, BDS(Hons), MJDF RCS(Eng), Specialty Registrar in Periodontology, Guy‘s Hospital, Great Maze Pond, London, SE1 9RT, (email: devanraindi@gmail.com) and Iain Chapple, PhD, BDS, FDS RCPS, FDS RCS, CCST(Rest Dent), Professor of Periodontology and Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Head of Birmingham School of Dentistry, 5 Mill Pool Way, Birmingham B5 7EG, UK.

Objective: To describe potential mechanisms underpinning the inflammatory processes of periodontal diseases and the use of juice powder concentrates.

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